Photography - San Francisco Memories Caught on my Canon

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San Francisco, California Photography

One thing that I love to do is taking photographs. Over the last few years I have been trying my hand at professional photography and have been working on building my equipment and have recently even taken a few classes. The ability to tell a story with photos to me is so intriguing and while I think many people can be trained to take pictures, it really is something from within that makes amazing images. When I went to ...

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Photography - A Baby Boy on the Way (Pregnancy Shoot)

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Pregnancy Shoot with Lisa – November 2010

Photography by Me

After Colton arrived I saw them in the hospital and then took some photos of the two of them together once they returned home. I will share those soon but I wanted to post these to showcase this special time and share some of my photography. Enjoy! (Love you Lisa!)

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New Canon Lens - 85mm f1.8

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I love my Canon Rebel XSi camera and it feels like Christmas whenever I get new equipment for it. It’s like adding new rims to your car or getting a fresh set of highlight to your hair – a nice add on! I recently got this new 85mm f 1.8 lens from B&H for photography for work.

This lens is great for portrait and events which is what I will be using it for mostly. Candid shots, c ...

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Pinning = Winning on Pinterest

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Unless you’ve been living in a non-social, under a rock type of place the last two months, Pinterest has taken the world by storm. I have attended two different social media conferences in the last month and both spoke of this new social platform like gold bars falling from the heavens. “There is a new site and all brands should be on board.” “You should be on there.” I found this ironic con ...

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