Chocolate Crunch Protein Pudding Cup Recipe

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Over 30 grams of protein in this recipe

I am constantly looking for new ways to add more protein into my diet but lately I just don’t want to always be drinking a protein shake. Recently I found the Pro Pudding packets from BodyTech which have 25 grams of protein per serving. They come in vanilla and chocolate and all they require is adding some water to your thickness preference, a fridge to ...

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Next Step and Kind Bar Healthy Grains Yogurt Crunch Bowl Recipe

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One of my favorite ways to get a high number of protein grams in without eating a ton of calories is to take a plain no fat greek yogurt and add some protein powder to it. Sometimes I will also add a topping to give it some crunch like today’s Kind Bar. These you can get at your local health food store or you can order online (link here). I like these version of the Kind BarsRead more

Vanilla Caramel & Super Fuzion Nuts and Protein Bowl Recipe

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One of my favorite protein recipes that I look forward to at the end of everyday is making protein yogurt blends. It is great because it is super high in protein, low in fat and taste delicious. I can’t eat plain greek yogurt on its own, but if you put a little bit of flavored protein in it, it begins to taste like mousse, pudding or ice cream! Recently I have been loving the BPI Whey-HD protein powder in the Vanilla Car ...

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