Next Step Swiss Chocolate and Vanilla Protein Cupcake Recipe

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To make you will need:

Unsweetened Almond milk, reduced sodium baking powder, 2 chobani greek non fat plain yogurts, some seasalt, 2 eggwhites, 4 scoops of vanilla caramel BPI Whey-HD protein powder, 1 cup of whole wheat flower and for the frosting some nuts/super fuzion nut mix and 1 scoop of swiss chocolate next step protein powder.

2014 ...

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Vanilla Caramel & Super Fuzion Nuts and Protein Bowl Recipe

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One of my favorite protein recipes that I look forward to at the end of everyday is making protein yogurt blends. It is great because it is super high in protein, low in fat and taste delicious. I can’t eat plain greek yogurt on its own, but if you put a little bit of flavored protein in it, it begins to taste like mousse, pudding or ice cream! Recently I have been loving the BPI Whey-HD protein powder in the Vanilla Car ...

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