DIY Makeup Vanity Desk Set Up - ALEX Ikea Hack, Vanity Girl Hollywood, Home Goods and MORE!

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First let me apologize to my readers that I have taken a small hiatus from blogging and I realize that I was away for a bit from posting. We recently moved out of our old place and moved elsewhere so the last few weeks have been a blur of packing, unpacking, storage and moving! It was a nightmare to have to go through all the stuff I have accumulated in the last two years in my recent place and then pack and try to move it all while staying organized. I ...

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Acrylic Makeup Organizers for Your Vanity Table or Desk

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My current make up vanity table organization skills :)

I am always adding to my makeup collection and every few weeks I reorganize my items and get rid of anything I don’t really use or is old/expired. When I do this I realize that I need more organizers or a better method to get to my items easily and be able to quickly scan what I have. So far I have a few organizers and lots of trays inside my ma ...

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A look at my makeup organization and vanity

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This weekend I went through my makeup and got rid of some old products that needed to be replaced and then had an organization frenzy. My new ikea desk area for my vanity is perfect though I am running out of room already. I also thought it would be good idea to take the caps off my lipsticks so I can quickly see them.



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