Coffee with a Canine Interview with Adrienne & Lola

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A few months ago the writer of the blog Coffee with a Canine reached out to do a write up/interview of myself and my 3 1/2 year old Yorkie, Lola. It was a great opportunity to share my pup with the world because to me she truly is my baby, my child and my best little buddy. If you have a minute and want to learn a bit more about my darling Lola just click on the article below:


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Holiday Pet Photo Session - Some tips for getting your dog to pose for photos

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Happy Holidays from our Little Family to Yours!

Tiny Prints Cyber Monday

While we don’t yet have children, we treat our dog like she is our child anyway. She is beloved by everyone in our family and brings so much love and joy to our lives. She is also a pretty good model and will allow me to do photos of her and entertains my enjoyment of it. Here are a few photos of my 3 year old Yorkie, Lola, posing for her yearly ...

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Healthy Pet Snacks: Hills Ideal Balance Breakfast Medleys Klout Perk

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Now even pooches can enjoy being part of the #BreakfastClub


Enjoy breakfast anytime with Hill's® Ideal Balance® #HillsIdealBalance #BreakfastClubHealthy

Pet Snacks: Hills Ideal Balance Breakfast Medleys

A big thank you to the folks over at Klout for selecting me and my Yorkie Lola to test out some new products from Hills Ideal B ...

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What to do when your yorkie keeps scratching and won’t stop - allergies

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Heading to the vet is never fun for dogs, but sometimes it is necessary to get to the bottom of any issues.

Last week I noticed my Yorkie was scratching herself more than usual. Most dogs have the occasional issue with dry skin, especially a week or two after going to the groomers – but this time it was different. She wouldn’t stop scratching at her belly and the sides of her ...

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Lola Love 4

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It’s time for my new installment of photos of miss Lola. She is quite popular on my instagram and is such a ham. This past week I had my wisdom teeth removed and she was so loving and cuddly since I am sure she could sense I was not feeling well. Dogs have a keen sense of when humans are sick, sad or not feeling well. She was a great buddy to spend the time at home with.

Enjoy :)

20121020-170729. ...

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Lola Love 3

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Another week and another batch of photos to share of Lola :)






2012 ...

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Lola Love Part 2

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Here is another installment of photos of little Lola from this week. She went to the vet last week for routine shots and wound up getting sick from them. For a night she was not feeling well at all and I almost had to take her to the ER because I was afraid she would dehydrate. Sometimes small dogs get sick from vaccines but we think she may have also ate something outside or when we weren’t looking that upset her stomach :(

The good news is she bo ...

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Lola Loving Part 1

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I take so many photos of my puppy Lola that I am going to post some and then add a new blog post when I have some more new ones. She is now one years old and every day I capture such fun and cute moments of her. What can I say I am a puppy stage mom sometimes :)

She has such a loving temperament and always puts me in a great mood. These photos are from the last two weeks with some from her visit to the vet, her driving with me in my new car, and me ta ...

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How to make homemade dog food for your pets

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Like anyone who is a puppy parent to a Yorkie or Yorkshire terrier you know they are finicky eaters. They don’t eat much but they surely eat less when they don’t like their food. I started mine on Ultra brand dog food both wet and dry. That worked for a bit but I noticed she hated the dry food. Then I moved her over to Wellness brand dog food and she didn’t really take to that one much either. My last attempt ...

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