Thanksgiving - A time for family, food and friends

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I hope that everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday. For those who have had a major loss this year, losing someone you love, holidays can be really hard. This time last year my mom was going through her cancer treatment, but we still had a really nice Thanksgiving together. This year, her absence was felt and I always miss her so much during the holidays. My mother passed 8 months ago to lung cancer and what has helped me through this tough time is my family and friends.


We spent the holiday with our family getting together to enjoy good food and company – what Thanksgiving is all about. My mother in law made the most amazing spread and I was happy to help her in the kitchen. She has taught me a lot about cooking and it’s so nice being in the kitchen with all the sounds and smells, a glass of homemade vino and catching up with everyone. We always start with tons of appetizers, then move on to pasta, then turkey and all the dinner fix ins. The last part of the meal is always with coffee and desserts. The desserts are always my down fall, I love pastries so for me it’s a challenge to not fall into a sugar coma. The pastries were from a bakery shop in Nutley, NJ called Aroma di Napoli.

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Now of course, this day is all about feasting and it’s a time when I don’t even worry about what I eat and just enjoy. I will say, I never eat so much that I feel uncomfortable, but I do allow myself to eat things that I don’t get to normally. I was in the gym on Thanksgiving morning and then again today, the day after Thanksgiving. The holidays are not meant to be a time to enjoy and spend time with those you love. We had a great spread and it was a beautiful day. My dog, Lola, also had a great day. We had just gotten her a grooming and she looked so cute. I take her to Just 4 Paws in Lyndhurst, NJ. and they always do such a nice job on her.


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