The Green Supreme Juice Recipe

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The Green Supreme Juice

Using your Nutribullet and organic greens and fruits, this juice is sweet and savory for either a morning breakfast swap or post workout! It uses glutamine, recovery powders from RSP Nutrition and greens powder for even more nutrients! After watching the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” this past week I got even more interested in adding back green juices into my diet. Not only to help get more fruits and vegetables in my diet, but when I used to do a green juice every morning leading up to my wedding I felt like I had a bit more energy, my skin looked great and it just tasted really good as a refreshing drink.


For this juice I went and got most of my fruits and vegetables from either the farmer’s market near my house or from Trader Joe’s. I got a bag of organic gala apples, a bag of organic lemons, a bag or organic kale, a bag of organic spinach and two large organic english cucumbers. I love using lemon juice as it has so many amazing nutritional properties as well as really helps to keep my skin clear. I find that drinking water with lemon and adding lemon to foods really does wonders.


Ingredients Needed to make one large juice:

cup organic kale

cup of organic spinach

1 small organic gala apple peeled

8 slices of peeled organic cucumber

1 small lemon, squeeze juice only

1 scoop of RSP ReGen in Lemon Lime

1 scoop of RSP GlutaGen in Orange

1 tbsp of Vitamin Shoppe From the Earth Greens powder


Using my Nutribullet put all the ingredients in and then add ice and water, blend and enjoy! The scoops of glutagen and regen are great for me to do post workout or on a day I know I am going to need some added recovery help from lifting. I tend to sip on these throughout the day, so adding a scoop of each to my juice was a great way to get it all down in one cup. I also liked added the From the Earth Greens powder which is Concentrated Green Superfood of Greens, Vegetables, and Fruits Herbs and Prebiotic FOS.



Using cucumber in your juice actually tastes a bit like watermelon. Make sure to peel your apple and cucumber to make your juice a bit easy to drink. Some people like to leave the peel but I prefer to remove it. I use all organic fruits and vegetables, just personally I buy mostly organic now for my foods and highly recommend you do as well. I plan to keep having one of these every morning, maybe adding in a new fruit or some berries occasionally to change it up, but overall this is a drink I know I would look forward to having everyday and not feel like I have to hold my nose to get it down.

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