The Top 10 Best Fitness Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

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The Top 10 Best Fitness Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

If you have someone on your list who has committed to getting into shape, staying in shape or just loves all things fitness related, below is a great list of items that they would be sure to love this holiday season. All of the below items are products that I personally would love to see under my Christmas tree, or items that I already own and would recommend giving to someone else. I own 80% of the items you see below if not more! It’s a great time to help someone you know stay motivated and on track long after the holidays and New Year’s have passed. All of the below items are also what I would consider “non offensive” fitness gifts. No one wants a free membership to the gym unless they’ve asked for it, but the items below are really great gadgets and accessories for someone you love who really just enjoys living a healthy lifestyle. I hope these give you some ideas on what to get that health nut in your life! From fitness trackers to sneakers, to gym clothes and workout items – this list will be sure to satisfy any fit female on your list!


1. Polar Watch (link) – this is a great gift to get anyone who hits the gym regularly and wants to monitor their heart rate as well as the number of calories burned. This will be a great gift for someone who weight lifts or strength trains since it’s a sure fire way to know how to calculate calories burned during a grueling lifting session. They come in a variety of fun colors for men and women. I have both the Polar F4 watch and the Polar F7 watch; both get the job done though I do personally prefer the features on the F7 a bit more.


2. Old Navy Workout Tank Tops with Mottos (link) – I bought a ton of these for myself and love them! They are dry fit type material and are a relaxed fit so they aren’t super tight, but more breathable. They come in a variety of colors and with fun, motivational logos and mottos. They are great for the gym lover who also likes to wear fun workout gear.


3. A super fun, bright pair of sneakers (link) – there is nothing I love more than a fun and funky pair of new sneakers! This is something I love getting as a gift and usually the more bright the better. Make sure to have the right size before you order. I love hot pink so I provided a link to a ton from


4. Beats Solo On Ear Headphones (link) – I love my Beats by Dre and even though many people like in ear head phones I prefer over the ear ones while working out. So many times when I use in ear ones they fall out while sweating and that is so annoying. I love these because they are comfortable to wear and the sound is amazing!


5. Women’s Nike Pro Workout Shorts (link) – these are the best workout shorts and come in a variety of colors, styles and lengths. They are also very popular among fit females online and they really do feel great to work out in.


6. A bright colored gym bag like Under Armour (link) – everyone needs a gym bag to put their workout essentials. These also is great if you want to fill the bag with other gifts like workout gear or accessories. Go with a bag that has handles and a strap, this is good so you can toss it in your trunk or walk with it to the gym


7. Armband for your iPhone (link) – this comes in handy especially when you are weight training. You never have to worry about the phone falling out of your pocket or sports bra. This is adjustable and comes in a variety of colors too.


8. A Nutribullet (link) – I can’t say enough how much I use this every day to make protein shakes. It was given to me as a birthday gift and is one of my favorite gifts that I have received in a long time. It is perfect for smoothie lovers and protein shake drinkers. I absolutely swear by this thing!


9. Nike Essential Yoga Set (link) – if you know someone who is just starting out in Yoga, or has expressed interest in starting this is a great beginner set to get them going. You might also want to pair this with a local deal to try a yoga studio for a month as well

10. Fitbit Flex Bracelet and Tracker (link) – this is great for someone who wants to monitor all different activities throughout the day, and night. Fitbit will help you count your steps as well as your sleep. It can be worn all day and night and help you to keep track of your activity over time.

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