The Ultimate Winter Lunch Combo - Organic Tomato Soup & Salad

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When I think of winter lunch I think of a hot bowl of soup and a heart salad, don’t you? When I think back to my childhood I always remember my mom or grandmother making me hot tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich. While I don’t go for grilled cheese anymore, I do love me some good tomato soup. I haven’t had it in years but the other day me and my fiance were talking about soup and how we both used to love tomato soup, so I was on a man hunt to find a good, healthy version to make for a weekend afternoon lunch. When I went to Trader Joe’s I found out that they have an organic low sodium tomato soup! I was so excited that I grabbed two containers and was crossing my fingers that it would taste as good as I remembered.


So Trader Joe’s Organic Creamy Tomato Soup is low in sodium and came out delicious. It was super thick and creamy and was less salty than the canned kind we used to have as kids. I believe it was Campbell’s and was probably loaded with salt, but this was very tasty! It took all of five or so minutes to heat over the stove. No additional seasonings were needed either. It was perfect right out of the box. The price per box is only $2.29 which is less than cans and it is organic and all natural too.

The box makes about 3 good sized bowls of soup. It even has protein in it and is low in fat also, perfect when you pair it with a grilled chicken salad like we did. You can also use the ready made Just Chicken or the Grilled Chicken from Trader Joe’s and mix it on top of a fresh salad. This is the ultimate soup and salad healthy combo!


I love their heat & serve chicken since it is real chicken, not the rubbery and gross kind some of the big brands try to pass off as “chicken”. It’s a great nutritional profile and is good hot or cold. Me and my fiance love having these around for quick wraps or salads. They taste really good! I made a fresh spinach salad with some cucumbers, onions, olives and grilled chicken. You can use a low fat balsamic vinegarette or a capful of apple cider vinegar!

_MG_9981 This is a great option for a healthy lunch for under 250 calories! Try to find that at your local soup and salad place, it’s hard to find and the fact that you make it at home means you know exactly what is going into your body!

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