This week’s Meal Prep Menu: lean turkey meatballs and chicken sausage bake

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This week’s meal prep ideas were born about from football and cold weather. There is nothing I like more than things you can bake in the hot oven while you watch your favorite teams play some Sunday football. Since I had just gone food shopping I had lots of lean, healthy meats and fix ins and wanted to make something different for a change. Instead of my usual meal prep I wanted to try making a chicken sausage bake with lots of veggies and low fat organic cheese. I also was craving some of my lean turkey meatballs which are always good for game day and during the work week. Both meal prep recipes came out amazing and took less than an hour to do both!


A Sausage Bake is nothing more than a bunch of great ingredients layered into a baking tray and cooked in the oven until delicious and hot! For this I took some lean chicken sausage and chopped it up into fine pieces. I then added chopped white onion, low fat shredded mozzarella cheese, Spinach, diced organic tomatoes, sliced black olives and some red kidney beans. It almost tasted like a chili and was absolutely delicious! I was able to turn this into lunches for the work week and still have a good amount left over. It is all veggies and chicken sausage so its low fat, high protein and very good at keeping you full for the daytime at work. This took about 35 minutes on 375 degrees. Feel free to add seasonings as you feel are needed. I just used a bit of Mrs. Dash seasoning since it is no MSG.


Whenever I am using the oven to make one thing, I quickly whip up something else to make. I made a quick batch of my lean turkey meatballs which are always a fan favorite and are delicious and high protein. I used lean ground turkey and then my usual fix ins of 1 whole egg, some whole wheat bread crumbs, minced garlic, diced onion, sugar free ketchup, some spinach and then some low fat mozzarella cheese on top. These turned out absolutely delicious! Tip: Add a small amount of low sodium chicken broth to make your meatballs less dry.


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