Tints of Nature Semi-Permanent Natural Hair Color

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Natural Hair Color Dye to Do At Home Without Damaging Your Hair or Wallet


I recently received a sample of a natural hair coloring product by a company called Tints of Nature. It’s not a brand I was familiar with since as of the last two years my mother in law has nicely offered to do my hair at home. Not only does it save me some money but I also really trust her with my hair. I have never really liked having someone do my hair, I always prefer to dye and cut my own hair. I always feel more comfortable doing it myself rather than going to someone to do it, but she is someone that I didn’t mind having touch my hair. Not that I have amazing hair that I am worrying to ruin; it’s actually quite the opposite. I really don’t like the quality of my hair (it is always breaking, dry and damaged) so it’s almost as if I am a bit shy to have people do my hair. Anyway, before I continue on about my hair concerns – I am very confident in doing my hair at home with a box of dye. I do not, however, want to use any kind of harsh chemicals or products on my hair especially when coloring it. That is why when I was given a box of Tints of Nature I was intrigued since the product line is all natural and wouldn’t do any damage to my already not-so-healthy hair.

Our Tints of Nature semi-permanent hair colors are packed full of lovely organic ingredients that nourish during coloring, so your hair looks and feels healthier than ever. All our semi-permanent colors are 100% free from ammonia and suitable for vegans. Choose Tints of Nature semi-permanent hair color for a stunning new look in 8 gorgeous shades of brunette, blonde and red.

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In the box of hair color, which is also a very cool shape, comes instructions, a clarifying shampoo which you use BEFORE you apply any color (I’ve never had to do that before but it is great to make sure you have no oil or build up on your hair when applying color), a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to use after you wash out the color, a tube of the already pre-made semi-permanent hair color mix, gloves for your hands to apply and a hair cap. It is the first time I have seen a box dye where you don’t have to mix the products together to activate the color: obviously since with this brand you aren’t adding peroxide and bleach to your hair.

The color that was given to me was a dark brown. The box says 3DBR and it seems like a nice chocolate brown color. The box says this will last you about 6-12 shampoos so it is not a huge commitment in case the color doesn’t work for you or comes out a bit too dark and you want it to fade a bit over time.


Silk chocolate - Deliciously dark, rich chocolate color to boost your brunette. Ultra-conditioning, it nourishes your hair for extra shine and body that feels silky-smooth. Tints of Nature bursts with natural ingredients that nourish and protect during coloring so your hair looks and feels healthier than ever.

Contains up to 65% certified organic ingredients
No ammonia
No parabens
No resorcinol
No peroxide
No PPDs or PTDs
Unique blend of natural and organic ingredients
Plant-derived extracts and vitamins C and E
Made with aloe, comfrey and camomile to soothe, moisturise and protect hair
Made in the heart of the New Forest


The semi-permanent colors come in eight (8) shades and they all look beautiful! If I had the guts I would totally go for the Mahogany Red, but since I am currently trying to get rid of my ombre which keeps on peaking through after every dye job I am going with the Dark Brown color which is close to my natural color at the roots. Once I finish doing this to my hair I will happily share before, after photos and my total review. If this happens to work as good as I hope without damaging my hair or making the color blotchy – then they will have a new fan! It’s so much easier to dye my hair myself and at home, especially when you are only doing a single process color. More to come soon ….

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