Upper Body Workout for Women: Back and Shoulder Routine (Videos)

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My Current Upper Body Workout Routine – For Females

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” – unknown


Hi ladies, today I wanted to share with you some updates to my current workout program and highlight what I have been doing for my upper body exercises. I do upper body two (2) times a week and split my workouts up by

? Monday: Upper body Shoulders & Triceps

? Thursday: Back & Bicpes


I currently workout doing strength training five (5) times a week with 2 rest days and 1 day that I use for plyometrics work (Saturday). Wednesday and Sunday are my days off and I do NO exercising, not even any cardio. I firmly believe in giving yourself two rest days per week to actually REST and let your body rebuild and repair itself. It’s one of the most important ways that you will get stronger and grow your muscles. So on my upper body day I do 3 super sets of 6 total exercises. I do 3 sets of each exercise and warm up doing a walk on the treadmill and finish with some cooling down on the treadmill as well. In total this should take me no more than 45 minutes doing 8-10 reps per exercise. I go to the gym in the morning before work and have time to make my meals for the day, pack my bag, take a shower, get ready for work, make some coffee, walk my dog and then tackle the day!

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Monday Upper Body (Triceps & Shoulders)
Super Set 1 Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Tricep Cable Pull Downs
Super Set 2 Side Lateral Raises
Forward Dumbbell Shoulder Raises
Super Set 3 Military Press
Dips with Assisted Dip machine
Thursday Upper Body (Back & Biceps)
Super Set 1 Dumbbell bicep curls
Seated Rows
Super Set 2 Tbar Rows
Straight Bar Bicep Curls
Super Set 3 Assisted Pill Ups
Standing Cable push down with Straight bar


Below are videos that I post to my Vine channel, if you want to follow along in my daily workouts and quick fitness tips, meal preps, recipes and more than click here www.vine.co/missads1981

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