Using the Smith Machine for Deadlifts - Stiff Leg Dead Lifts for Women

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How to use the Smith Machine to Help Master Dead Lift Form for Women

If you follow my blog you know that I personally do not like to use the Smith Machine for squats but I have found a good use for it on leg day – doing stiff leg dead lifts as you continue to increase your weight. Keep in mind, if I had a fully loaded gym with lots of olympic bars and trap bars and squat racks I would likely never use a Smith Machine. The issue is my home gym doesn’t have those things but we do have a Smith Machine, so I found a good use for it. Using this machine can help to aid you doing stiff leg dead lifts.


When it comes to stiff leg dead lifts make sure you are doing a weight that fatigues you on the last rep but isn’t going to compromise your form. Any compound lift or movement needs to be done with great form so you don’t have an injury, especially in your lower back. I usually do 35lb in plates on each side when I do stiff leg dead lifts, that is what I am demonstrating on this day.

First start with your feet a little narrower than shoulder width apart. Stand with the tops of your feet directly under the bar. Reach down and place your hands on the outside of your legs in a regular grip.


Make sure the bar is all the way down, the lowest it can go. Sometimes that means you need to remove the stoppers which are there to help stop the bar at any height you place them at.


As you get set up make sure your hips are at a comfortable starting point and not down low by your feet. Look straight ahead and then slowly raise your body by driving through your heels and lifting with your legs and butt, not lifting with your upper body strength. Then at the top come up straight and straight your hips. IMG_6452-0.JPG

At the top of the lift make sure to squeeze your glutes. Then slowly raise back down while pushing your hips back and return to the starting position. I do these in set of 10 for 4 sets with a minute rest in between sets. This will get you sweating and your glutes burning! Dead lifts are a great exercise to shape and grow your glutes!


The videos below can help to show you the movement of this exercise.

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