Video - Circuit Training Round 2 Routine for Abs and Total Body

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This is round 2 of my circuit training series that is easily done at home or smaller gyms. No gym machines are required to do this routine. I suggest doing this for four rounds if you do not plan on doing any other training on the day you do this routine. If you do some weight training before then I would say 3 rounds. Good luck!

You will do this for 3-4 rounds and it consists of:

– 5 reps of alternating shoulder raises, T raises and shoulder press using dumb bells (I used 10lb)
– 3 reps of medicine ball ab work with 5 crunches in each rep
– 5-10 standing to ground ab work with weighted medicine ball
– 10 side lunges on each side
– 10 squat jumps

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