Video: Circuit Training Workout Round 6 Total Body Calorie Blast

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Today’s video features another full body circuit training workout. I hope you are enjoying these workouts and I would love to hear your feedback if you have been watching. I will continue to do this series since right now I do circuit workouts 3-4 times a week in conjunction with my heavier lifting 4 times a week. Do this for routine 3 full rounds, 2-3 minute rest between rounds but no rest during the circuit from exercise to exercise to help keep the heart rate up. I’ve been adding circuits into my lifting routine for the last 2 months and have seen major improvement in my body fat percentage, leaning out while still growing! I’ve been hitting legs 2 times a week for heavy sets to try to grow my lower body (glutes, hamstrings, calves and quads) and then I do 2 days of upper body lifting and then work in my circuit routines. I change them up every day and love it.

IMG_7256Each round took me close to 10 minutes, so this will be a 30-35 minute workout but it goes by so fast because you are constantly moving on to the next exercise – that also keeps it fun & challenging! I was definitely breathing heavy during this one but I always push myself to finish. If you can finish this circuit without being out of breath, or at least have a bit of a hard time to have a conversation right after, you might not be using the right weights OR enough intensity. If you are going to dedicate this 30 minutes for a workout don’t just go through the motions (literally) but push yourself, dig deep and make it count.

Exercises in the circuit are all done in 15 reps

? Goblet squat with kettle bell

? Side raises with dumb bells

? Alternating reverse lunges

? Alternating kettle bell shoulder raises

? Alternating reverse lung again

? Plated squat to back rows
IMG_7282.PNG ? Abdominal Crunches

? Alternating bicep curl with dumb bells

? Pilates alternating leg/arm raises

? Bosu ball tricep ab crunches with plate

It’s always exciting when you start to see results, and I encourage you to always keep changing up your workouts. Not only does it shock your body and keep you motivated, but it will make time go by so quickly that soon you will look in the mirror and be like “wow, I’m a few weeks in and I’m really seeing results!” That to me is the best way to stay on track – seeing that the hard work you are putting in is resulting in something. Trust me, there are days I get home and am tired and cranky and have no desire to workout. There are days I walk into the gym and want to just walk back out, but once my workout is done I am so glad I didn’t quit on myself. It only takes 30 minutes to an hour each day and then you have 23 others to do whatever else you want. You owe it to yourself to just get up, get dressed and go workout out!

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A few quick final thoughts and tips to share with my readers:

  1. It’s important to include a post workout drink into your routine to aid in muscle recovery and prevent soreness. I like to drink a BCCA Amino drink during my workout, you may see it in my videos sometimes, and then throughout that day I do as well. Right now I like the BodyTech Cricital Aminos in Fruit Punch and Cellucor Alpha Aminos in Icy Blue Razz. These are not meant to give you a boost or caffeine jolt, they are just to help with recovery and repair.
  2. make sure to always warm up, even if it is for 5 minutes on the treadmill, bicycle or doing jumping jacks. On leg day I do 5 minutes on the stationary bike to get my knees and hips loosened up
  3. wear comfortable clothes, if you aren’t comfortable in what you are wearing you won’t have a good workout.
  4. if you’re training legs wear really flat sneakers or no shoes at all for your big lifts like squats and deadlifts. i like to wear chuck taylor sneakers or lift in just my socks
  5. invest in baseball caps to keep your hair out of the way; i have a few nike dry fit hats in various colors and it just makes it easy to keep my hair out of my face
  6. on heavy leg day increase your carbs to give you the energy your body needs, on lighter lifting days stick to your normal carb intake. (carb cycling)
  7. when you are looking to gain muscle and size you should do between 6-8 reps of any exercise, if you do 10-15 you are simply doing cardio so if your goal is GROWTH then higher the weight and lower your reps
  8. have an awesome workout playlist on your iphone or smart phone to keep you pumped and motivated during your workout
  9. if you need motivation to get to the gym, set your workout clothes out the night before. seeing this visual before bed will make you stick to your workout the next day
  10. if you ever feel like an exercise is not comfortable to you, don’t do it – it’s not worth the injury and your body will tell you when enough is enough.

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