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Another day, another circuit workout to share with my readers. I hope that you are able to do some of these routines at home or in your smaller gyms and be able to stick to your goals. I am working in more of these routines so that you can find ways to stay active even if you don’t have access to machines or a big gym. Today was my “rest day” so I didn’t plan to do a ton of training but wanted to focus on some HIIT to get the blood pumping, heart rate up and also focus on some abs and core strengthening. For me, I prefer to workout in the morning before I go to work so that if something happens and I am busy after work, have plans with friends or just have errands to run at the end of the day, I never miss a workout and once it’s done in the morning I can cross it off my list of “to do’s”. I also love the energy I get for the rest of the day when I work out in the morning. For today’s morning circuit training you will need the following items:

a weighted medicine ball

two small kettle bells

one larger kettle bell

a bosu balance trainer

10 lb weighted plate (or whichever weight is best for you)

a stability ball

A padded workout mat

For this workout you are going to do 3 rounds (a round is an entire completion of all the exercises I will list below). You can do 3-4 minute break in between rounds so you can catch your breath because trust me, this circuit will have your body burning and your heart rate up, up, up! I was surprised by the last round just how tired I was and how difficult the last few reps of each exercise were. The goal here is to complete each exercise and do not focus on time, there is no timing done in my circuits, the goal is just to make sure you finish each of the reps and move on to the next exercise smoothly and quickly with no breaks in between them.

Circuit Exercises for this Workout:

? Alternating shoulder raises using your smaller kettle bells. You will do 20 total which is 10 per arm.

? 15 goblet squats using the larger kettle bell, focusing on knees over toes, chest up and pushing through your heels.

? Next up is a tough one, using the plated weight you are going to push straight out, and then turn the wheel like a steering wheel to each side 10 times (this one burns!)

? After that drop the plate and move on to the padded, weighted medicine ball for 10 ball slams

? Now it’s time for cardio and we are going to do 60 toe taps on the bosu ball which will really get you sweating

? Next, drop down onto you mat and do 60 bicycles – this will really get those abs burning!

? Turn over on the mat and now we are going to do 10 push ups (you can do full push ups or with your knees) – 10 of those

? Last one is using the stability ball you are going to do plank crunches for 10 times


Make sure to follow my other circuit workouts on my new YouTube Channel (click here)


After my workout I make a protein shake using my Nutribullet and take it with me to work for my breakfast. Lately I have been using a combination of:

2 scoops of Optimum Nutrition Protein Energy in Mocha Cappuccino Flavor (1 serving size, but it uses 2 tiny scoops)

1 scoop of Garden of Life Raw Food Chocolate Cocoa

1 tbsp of D’s Naturals Vanilla Maple Fluffbutter

1/2 cup of unsweetend Stonyfield Almond Milk

Ice & Water


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