Video: the best abdominal exercises for a strong core

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A video that showcases my favorite ab exercises to help achieve a strong, chiseled core. These can be performed at home or at your gym but for only 20 minutes 2-3 times a week you can start to shape and grow a strong core. I have received a good amount of questions from those of you doing the 12 Week Workout Program about what ab exercises I do or recommend, so here it is.


Tips: always exhale on the hardest part of the movement. So on a crunch you breathe out at the top and breathe in on the way down

Add a weight like a dumb bell or a plate to increase the resistance. Remember abs are muscle so they need to be trained to grow.

I train abs at the end of my workout when I am warmed up and never dedicate one day just to abs; they are a part of my overall routine.

The equipment you will need is a dumb bell or plate (I use 10 lb for each), a stability ball, a bosu ball and a mat.


For anyone who is interested in my hot pink Nike’s (I get asked about these often) they are similar to the ones I have linked. I love a fun colored pair of sneakers and these are awesome. My pants and sports bra are from Zumba Wear.


And when it comes to my current pre and post workout supplement routine I have been using the following:

Cellucor C4 Ripped Pre-Workout flavor raspberry lemonade (pre workout)

Cellucor Alpha Aminos in Blue Razz (post workout)

Both have a great taste and are not overly “sweet” and mix very well with water. I drink both of these as part of my morning routine.


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