Video: Upper body and abdominal circuit training workout Round 5

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Another daily circuit workout to help you keep your exercise routine fun, challenging and never dull! Today we focus on upper body, core and some legs. You will do every one of these exercises back to back, going in a circle to each station and having NO rest in between. The only time you will rest is after you complete a full circuit, then 2-3 minutes to catch your breath and then you repeat it all over again. This will get your heart rate up, your muscles burning and your body blasting calories while still building muscle.


Why do I like to add circuit workouts into my training? It makes cardio more fun since I don’t like to do cardio machines, it also keeps my workouts fun! It’s like a little obstacle course that I do and challenge myself to complete. Some days I do these at the end of a lifting session and other days I just do a circuit to replace a rest day or a day I would have otherwise done some type of cardio. These are all made to do at home so you don’t have to go to a gym to achieve the same results and remember we are all a work in progress!

Do this entire circuit 3 times
You will need 2 small kettle bells, 1 padded mat, 1 stability ball, 1 10 lb plate, 2 10 lb dumb bells, 1 padded medicine ball, 1 25 lb plate

IMG_7037.JPGCircuit Routine In Order:

10 Kettle bell goblet squat into up right row
10 alternating bicep curl into shoulder press
25lb plate oblique twists 20X
10 lb plate alternating reverse lung 20X
10 padded medicine ball full body squat to over head raise
20 ab crunches alternating legs
20 toe taps on stability ball
20 squat jumps

Rest 2-3 minutes then repeat 2 more times!

Good luck and make sure to keep checking back on my blog and my YouTube channel (link) to keep up with new circuit workouts added a few times a week. The goal is to always shock and challenge your body and keep you excited to do the next workout.

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