Video - Weight Training Routine for Leg Day with Circuit Workout

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A complete lower body workout to target the glutes, hamstrings and also a circuit workout at the end to burn the legs, abs and triceps. A total body routine!
I hope you are all enjoying the videos I have been sharing of my workouts each day! Today was a leg day so the first half of my workout is mostly in the weight room. For leg day I focus on a few bigger compound movements and then slowly work my way down into body weight exercises. My two bigger exercises for leg day are weighted hip thrusters and front squats. I am working my way up in weight and each time I try to do a bit more weight. The only way to grow the glutes is to go heavier and heavier. I do 10 or less reps and do those exercises for four sets. I prefer to do front squats currently since my lower back has been hurting me lately and the front squat forces me to keep a neutral spine and does not hurt my back at all. It takes some time to learn the form but now I have it locked down and enjoy doing the front squats.


On my leg day I wear my Reebok training sneakers because they are super flat and that is better for you on leg day. They are super comfortable and it took a few times for me to break them in but now I love using them for lower body training. Below is the complete routine I did today, but not included is my 5 minute warm up on the stationary bike. I do the stationary bike to warm up because it gets my knee joints and my hips loosened up for the bigger movements like squats. I stress the importance of warming up before you start to lift and also spending at least 10 minutes after your workout to stretch! It’s so crucial and it always makes me feel so much better before and after when I do both.


Weight Training Routine for Leg Day
1. Glute bridges using 45lb on each side on the smith machine for 8-10 reps
2. Front squat using 20lbs on each side for 8-10 reps
3. Stiff Leg Deadlifts with 10lbs on each side 10 reps
4. Leg raises/kick backs 10 on each side
5. 20 crunches


Circuit workout:
– abdominal crunches with weighted medicine ball
– hip thrusters
– box jump/squats
– tricep dips
– TRX ab crunches


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