Water Pills - Helping to Shed Extra Water Weight and Bloating

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Do water pills work and which do I take

I have been searching and waiting patiently to find out where I could buy Hydravax by Metabolic Nutrition. As a female of course I am concerned with occasional water retention or bloating. Especially now that I have investing a lot of time and energy into lifting and working out it pains me to sometimes see that my muscles are sometimes covered by water weight. Prior to purchasing this product I have used both MHP X-Pel and BodyTech Hydrotherm pills. Both worked very well, but like any water pill, you have to cycle on and off of them. You can’t use them constantly – it’s not good for your liver or your body. I like to stop after 3-4 weeks and give myself a break. I also usually only take water pills 1-2 weeks before a vacation when I am going to be in a bathing suit 24/7 or around “that time of the month” (sorry fellas, the ladies understand!)

I have to say that both the Hydravax and Xpel have worked very well to help to shed water weight when needed. I take 1 of the Hydravax in the morning with a full bottle of water. When taking Xpel you are told to take 3 per serving two times a day. I prefer the ease of 1 pill a day with the Hydravax, but again both work well. I did not find any stomach discomfort or issues taking either one. I did not feel dizzy or weak, but as with any water pill you should drink LOTS of water a day as well. I buy both of these products online and the price point is anywhere from $13-$25 depending on the website you go with. You do wind up hitting the rest room more often since you are drinking and expelling lots of water. Be prepared for that. Also, do not rely on using these for weeks and months at a time. I use them only if I feel they are needed and not for extended periods of time.


When I notice I am eating more salt or sodium high foods this is also when I feel more bloated or my clothes feel tight. I will increase my water intake and keep a bottle with me at all times. It’s important to always keep very hydrated so that your body doesn’t hold onto the little bit of water it does have.

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