Wedding Hair Low Up-Do with Curls for Brides

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I recently went for my second hair trial for my hair on my wedding day. I think one of the most nerve wracking thing a bride can go through is selecting their hair and makeup or their hair and makeup artist for their wedding day. I have gone on two hair trials and am about to go on my third. I had originally went and had a trial to do my hair with big curls down and to the side, but it felt like a lot of hair to worry about. The next hair trial, which is below, I wanted to try my hair all up and in a low bun, with lots of curls, and a lot of volume on the top and crown. I really love how this style turned out and there is something to be said for having your hair up and out of your face on your wedding day. This style stayed all night and was very comfortable, however I am still going to do one more trial to do my hair half up and half down. I am not yet 100% sure how I want to do my hair on my wedding day but I hope to decide after my next trial. I highly recommend you do a few different trials with hair up, down and half up half down to see which style you prefer. Make sure to take photos from a variety of angles to see how it will look. Also make sure to ask your hair stylist how you will position your veil in any given hair style you do.

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