Weight training routine: Leg Day and Plyometrics Workout

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Another week and another workout, time to hit legs hard and focus on making some gains

This is my third week into my new lifting program and on this new routine I only train legs one time a week. ONE TIME, I know, for me I’m having a bit of a withdrawal because I was so used to training my lower body at least two times a week, but with the program I am doing now I only work them out on Tuesday. I kind of miss doing legs more often, but I made myself a promise that I would stick to the routine and see what the results would be. I have one more week to go and then it’s on to the next one..(que the song!) As many of you have seen in my recent posts, tweets and instagram images I am doing a new program and have not posted it completely yet but it trains one to two major body parts a day. I train legs on Tuesdays which is the post below. I start the workout as follows:


Tuesday Leg & Plyometrics Day Workout

? 5 minutes of warm up on the stationary bike to warm up the knees and hips

? 4 rounds of plyometric leg work which includes: 10 line jumps, 10 180 degree jumps, 10 tuck jumps, 10 depth jumps and 10 dynamic step ups

? 5 sets of 10 back squats with :60 rest between sets (this is a killer!)

? 3 sets of 10 good mornings

? 3 sets of 20 standing calf raises

? 5 sets of 10 stiff legged dead lifts

? 3 sets of 15 reverse hyper extensions

? 5 minute walking on the treadmill cool down at 0 incline


Back Squats 5 sets of 10 back to back with 1 minute rest in between. Since my home gym does not have a squat rack I had to improvise to do a free back squat (I do not like to use a Smith Machine, which my gym has, but I refuse to use it). So I use the curl bar, load it up with 25lb plates and squat with that. Is it ideal? No. Is it okay to do, yes and whatever it takes for me to do a free back squat I will. Using the Smith Machine takes away from the stability you need to do a squat, the core needed and the balance. Doing these sets back to back with only 1 minute rest in between is a killer. As soon as I put the bar down, take a drink of water, the time is up and I’m back to squatting. It’s great though because it keeps me moving, keeps my heart rate up and keeps me focused to finish. Always make sure to do good form:

neutral spine. toes pointed slightly outward. head and chest up. knees never go past your toes. butt goes back.


Reverse Hyper Extensions are an exercise that helps to focus on the aesthetics of the glute and hamstring tie in. It helps to lift and shape the butt. You will use a bench and make sure your hips hang off the end of the bench like I am pointing to in the photo. You will then hold on to the bench and raise up your legs and squeeze your butt. You will lower down and then touch your toes to the floor and lift again for 15 reps and 3 sets.


For stiff legged deadlifts I have learned to love these so much. The form here is crucial as you don’t want to have a rounded back that goes toward the ceiling. You want to glide the bar down the front of your legs while pushing your butt back. Don’t focus on touching your toes, that will round your back. Focus on pushing your butt back and have a neutral spine and keep your shoulders back, chest up and head up. As your come back up push through those heels and squeeze your butt!


To make sure you are doing form correctly look at yourself in the mirror as you lower down and come back up. Make sure you see a nice shape with your back and that you aren’t going down too far and compromising your form. This exercise does take flexibility in your hamstrings and in your hips as well. Over time you will see major improvements in your form but do not lift too heavy until you have the form down.


For standing calf raises you have two options; do them with a barbell on your shoulders or you can use the Smith Machine for this one. I put 10 lb plates on each side and then make sure you are standing directly under the bar. You will raise up with your calf muscles and go onto the tips of your toes, then lower down. It is important to do these at a 20 rep range since it takes longer for the calf muscles to get fired up. By rep 15 you will feel them burning! A lot of people forget to work out their calf muscles, but it’s important for a great look. Don’t forget those little calves!


After a hard leg day workout it’s important to drink BCAA’s and Amino Acids. This helps to repair your muscle fibers and aid in muscle soreness. Truth is though, you will likely always get sore the day after and two days after leg day. That is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness also known in the gym world as DOMS. I make sure to drink aminos during my workout and throughout the day. Below are the two drinks that I use:

BodyTech Critical Aminos Powder – click here

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy – click here

For my current pre-workout I use C4 by Cellucor – click here


Always go into your workout knowing that it’s going to be amazing. A clear, motivated mind can be the push you need to finish it out. I never work out when I am not motivated, or I’m tired. I make sure to get my mind right BEFORE I get to the gym. I put on some motivating music, wear a bright colored article of clothing and just go in ready to kill it. Mind over matter!


Training Videos: feel free to follow along on VINE: www.vine.co/missads1981

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