Why I will never give up red wine and switched to organic

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Sometimes the only thing that gets me through a busy, stressful, long day is knowing that there is a glass of delicious red wine waiting at home with my name on it. In my 20’s all of my girlfriend drank white wine, but now the smell, look or taste of Pinot Grigio makes me gag. I switched to red wine years ago when I realized how different white wine was versus red wine. For many the preference is based on taste and I myself prefer red due to its fully bodied flavor. I also like that red wine is a little lower in calories than white wine and also is created with the skin of the grape unlike white wine which is made without the seeds or skin. Red wine is high in antioxidants and resveratrol. I began taking this supplement years ago to help with anti-aging and it has many great properties for your cells, skin and heart.

When I enjoy a glass of red wine I will always go with homemade first. I am lucky enough to have family who make their own wine and there is nothing else better than wine that has been made by hand, free of sulfates and other preservatives. There is a different taste to the wine and many will tell you that homemade wine won’t cause a hangover like a bottle bought in the store will. Likely this has to do with the preservatives and sulfates put into bottled wine to help it keep its shelf life. If we don’t have homemade wine on hand, or the barrel isn’t quiet ready yet, I go to my local liquor store and buy organic red wine. Not a ton of stores have organic wine sections yet, but you would be surprised at how many are starting to get requests and are not adding a few brands to their assortment. Organic wine is made from organic red grapes and the few that I have bought taste really great.

Bonterra is a great brand and they carry a variety of wine types from white to red. The bottles are under $20 and totally worth it in my book. I usually buy Malbec or Cabernet when I buy red wine as those are my favorite.

For a long time I drank lots of brands of red wine without realizing all of the pesticides and ingredients that were in them. We sometimes forget that wine is made of grapes (I know, how can we forget but we do!) and many grapes in our country are treated with pesticides and GMO’s that wind up in our glasses. That’s why I switched over to only organic red wine. Now, keep in mind, when you go out to dinner it’s hard to get a bottle of organic wine and usually they look at me like I am some uppity organic granola crunching snob, but I don’t care. I think over time more restaurants are going to carry organic options because that’s what consumers want.

So tonight, like many nights, I will enjoy a glass of red wine with my healthy dinner. My grandfather in law has had a glass of homemade vino everyday and he’s 93 and still like a bull so he must be doing something right.

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