Why you shouldn’t sleep in your contact lenses - my lesson learned!

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Lessons from wearing my contact lenses to bed…the ugly truth

My vision is horrible. That is putting it lightly. My vision is pathetic, really bad, semi-blind, can’t function without contacts BAD. I started to see the decline in my vision at the young age of 10. I remember being in reading class and one day it all got blurry. I asked the teacher to move up a bit to see the board. I kept asking day after day until I literally had my chair 5 feet from the black board. needless to say the teacher told my mother to take me to the optometrist to get my eyes checked. Every since then, year after year, my prescription gets stronger and stronger. My vision currently is a -5.25 which means if i am not wearing my contact lenses or glasses i can’t leave my apartment. objects become a huge blob/blur and it is unmanageable to do even every day tasks. For those of you who suffer from very bad vision you will know and feel my pain – there is nothing worse than being unable to see properly.

IMG_2854-0.JPG I am an admitted over wearer of my contact lenses. I sleep in them, for days and weeks at a time. I wake up and use a blink & clean drop and go about my merry way. I do NOT advocate this at all, it is an awful habit that i have now learned that i must break myself out of. i think most of it stems from the feeling i have from waking up and being unable to see. i want to always open my eyes and be able to have good vision. every year i go to the eye doctor i get a new set of frames, because i tell myself if i love my glasses i will make it a point to wear them more and stop relying on my contact lenses. but if your vision is bad like mine glasses feel awful. it gives me headaches, my peripheral view is all out of whack and i do not feel comfortable or “myself” when i feel that my site is not perfect. well, over the last year i have probably had 2 serious eye infections from my contact lens constant wear. most recently i woke up with what felt like an aggravated eye lash. it was bothering me, almost like the feeling of when you just want to pull an eye lash out because it seems to just have grown in wrong. over the course of the day it was bothering me more and more, but i didn’t pay much mind to it. the next day i woke up and my upper eye lid, in the corner was puffy. i knew at that moment this was not going to just go away on its own. again, i kicked my self in my butt and said “see you knew this would happen, you haven’t learned your lesson!”


I don’t mind the look of glasses at all, i think they are great but it’s an adjustment for sure for me. *btw in this photo I am wearing my new Bellami Hair Extensions in #1C click here to view more about these extensions

by constantly wearing my contacts they likely got very dried out and when that happens it can actually scratch the eye. or, like in this case, just is a breeding ground for infection and can cause you to get a sty or a blocked tear duct or a blocked follicle. over the next 24 hours it got worse and i had a photoshoot to do in a few days, it couldnt have come at a worse time. so the contacts had to come out. anytime you get an eye infection that is the first thing you must do – take the contacts out and go back to wearing glasses until it clears up. I tried doing hot compresses every few hours to try to open up the pore or the follicle hoping it would help the puffiness to go down on its own. I even put my head under a towel and placed it in my sink and let the hot water just steam up my little tent on my head, but to no avail. i knew i needed some medicated eye drops (as you can tell i’ve been down this road before, so i knew what to expect). i went to a local CVS minute clinic since it was the weekend and most eye doctors are closed. she was able to prescribe to me a medicated antibiotic for my eye.

IMG_2856.JPG the drops i received were called Tobramycin Ophthalmic Solution made by Bausch & Lomb. This would help to get rid of the infection and help to calm down the eye and the puffiness. You put in a 2 drops every few hours and over the next 2 days it started to go down, but i was forbidden to wear my contacts for at least a week (torture). It took 48 hours for this to start to go down and it was painful. my eyes got very dry and the skin around the eye area did too. I also had a very hard time with headaches due to my glasses. The good news is, since this incident i have been much better about sleeping in my contacts. I have also gone to my eye doctor and gotten my eye glass prescription lowered. i find that you need a lower prescription for glasses if you are used to only wearing contacts. the same prescriptions just feels way too strong in glasses otherwise. I do love my glasses though, i have a pair of these Fendi frames as well as a cute new pair by Coach that will be done soon. i think if you really like your frames you are more likely to wear them. Now i just make sure to take my contacts out at night and have my glasses by my bed. i would rather be a bit uncomfortable in my own home than have another issue with eye infections. They are no fun and not worth it, so take my advice and never sleep in your contact lenses!


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