Younique Cosmetics Makeup Moodstruck 3D Lash Fiber Mascara Product Review

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Younique Moodstruck 3D Lash Fiber Mascara Product Review

yn45 Every lady love a long, lush set of eyelashes. It can turn a very simple makeup look into glamorous in an instant. For many years I used to wear lots of false eye lashes for volume and length. They were a staple in my makeup look when I was a bartender because makeup then was fun for dress up. The problem with false eyelashes is that

1. over time they pull out your own natural eyelashes

2. you become almost addicted to wearing them

3. when you don’t have false lashes on you feel “bald” lol

Overtime I have stopped wearing them and feel they are a huge pain in the tush now to apply and keep on. There is nothing more annoying than putting on a pair of false lashes only to be worrying all night if they are coming off. So I have tested with various mascaras. This past year I began only buying cruelty free cosmetics which made my mascara choices much more selective and harder to find. I don’t personally like to buy makeup now that tests on animals when I have the option so I was very excited when Younique Cosmetics reached out and asked if I would be interested to test out one of their mascaras free of charge in exchange for a review; Younique Cosmetics Moodstruck 3D Lash Fiber Mascara

View my Younique Look on their website now – click here


They sent me their newest and popular mascara product called Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. It comes in a cute packaging, that resembles a fancy sunglass case. Inside are two tubes and an instructional pamphlet on how to use and apply the mascaras together. The product is valued at around $29.00 and claims to magnify your own natural lashes with their two part system. I was eager to try and see just how good this would work on my little eye lashes.

Magnify and enhance your OWN lashes!

Below is a quick view of my eyelashes pretty bare. On the left is one coat of Smashbox Eye Brightening Mascara, very light and only one quick coating. On the right is my eye with no makeup at all, no mascara or liner. As you can see I have pretty baby fine eye lashes and even with one coat of mascara they are pretty blah. So this was going to be a real test to see if this new mascara by Younique would do the trick to emphasize my eyes and make my lashes more bold!


To use this mascara there are a few steps:

1. coat your lashes with your every day favorite mascara brand

2. take the Transplanting Gel tube and apply it just like normal mascara on your lashes. it is a clear gel so you won’t notice much difference

3. quickly grab the Natural Fibers tube and start to apply on your lashes before the gel dries. It will look like small fibers, not a liquid or a gel on your lashes, almost like a dusting powder

4. take the Transplanting Gel and go over your lashes again to seal it all in

5. repeat if needed

6. curl your lashes


Here you can see the two types of wands and how the gel looks versus the fibers. The gel is like a normal mascara consistency while the fibers are a very soft brush that is almost dry. These two together are going to do some major work to make your lashes look dark, defined and long!


With only one cycle of this process my blue eyes popped! I was so happy with how this turned a basic look into a more glam one in only a few quick steps. While they are not as thick and full as a set of false lashes, these are much more natural looking. I also like how soft the lashes look and not wet and clumpy.


You can really see from these angles just how long my lashes got by using this mascara. And the lashes felt soft and when they lashes do not flake off. Everything stays sealed for your entire day and night look. It was a bit difficult to remove this mascara at night when I went to remove it. I recommend using a cotton ball or makeup pad with some coconut oil, that loosened it all up and it came off easily.

yn Overall I would say this was a really great product that I use now for my night out looks. It isn’t over the top heavy duty, but then again I don’t like my makeup to be too heavy. Maybe when I was a bit younger, but not anymore. I also loved the packaging of the product and that it does not test on animals. It is the round about price of what you would spend on a high quality, name brand mascara in Sephora or at the department store counters. Since I wouldn’t use this everyday I could see this lasting me a long time as well. Thanks again to their team for sending me this sample and I look forward to using it in more of my makeup looks.

Link to buy here on Amazon – 4 star product review


A quick snap shot on my iPhone of my eyelashes before and after using 3D Fiber Lash Mascara.


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