A super simple way to marinade your salmon filet

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When it comes to fish, particularly salmon filet, I find that the less ingredients you use to marinade your fish the better. Salmon is one of the best seafoods you can eat since it is packed with heart healthy omega 3 fish oils. The salmon filet is particularly easy to cook whether in home or on a grill. In the summer time I like to wrap it in aluminum foil and place it on the outdoor bbq grill and cook it that way with some roasted vegetables for a perfect dinner. Whether you eat salmon or not, getting these healthy fats into your diet is so important, so if you are not a fan of sea food like salmon make sure you are taking a fish oil supplement daily.


Overall salmon only ever really needs fresh lemon juice from one lemon, sea salt, pepper and then for me I love the Trader Joe’s Lemon & Pepper seasoning. This gives the fish a delicious, fresh and light taste without being very lemony or over powering. Many times when we eat out the salmon is always loaded with heavy marinades or sauces, defeating the whole purpose of a healthy and lean meal. Salmon is already high in fat (good fats keep in mind) so there is no reason to pile on the thick and creamy sauces to it. I like to eat salmon 1-2 times a week and we always buy our fish fresh from the grocery store seafood department. For us the Stop and Shop near our house has a good seafood department, and when available I always buy wild caught salmon over farm raised. Sadly, there are times when I go they don’t have any and personally I don’t like to buy farm raised fish.


To marinade I place the salmon filet uncut into a container. These I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond the other day and really like them! Once in the container I cut up one lemon and squeeze all over the fish. I then use the lemon and cut a few thin slices to lay on the top as a garnish, not for flavor but just because it looks good! I use some sea salt from the grinder and also the lemon & pepper seasoning. I let the fish soak up these spices and flavors overnight and then the next evening I take it out to the grill to cook, or you can just make this on a skillet on the stove top as well. Start with the side that has the skin attached first, face down into the pan. This will let the skin cook and be easier to remove once you flip the fish. When I grill on the bbq I just put it into a aluminum foil pocket and don’t turn it at all, just let it cook until I can see it’s no longer raw and then remove. I can peel the skin off once we get indoors and ready to eat and enjoy!


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