Anastasia Beverly Hills Go Brow Kit Brunette for shaping and filling in beautiful brows - REVIEW

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Anastasia Go Brow Kit in the color “Brunette”

I have always been one of the women who are cursed to have thin eyebrows. Even if I wanted thick eyebrows they just don’t grow – they never have and I truly believe they probably never will. I have come to terms with this realization, but be that as it may, there are products that I have tried in order to fill in my brows and make a better shape and also make them appear a bit fuller (without drawing them on and looking ridiculous). I have tried pencil before but was never a big fan so recently I have gravitated toward using brow powders. The only downfall with eyebrow powders is they can fade over the course of the day, especially if you get oily in the T-Zone area. I also find they can smudge if you rub your eyes and don’t really pay attention to checking. The powders work well because they are a bit more natural looking if you use a color lighter than your hair color. For brow powder I usually go with the European Wax palette which is a color duo of darker and lighter brunette.

But recently I had been hearing a lot of buzz and great reviews about Anastasia Eyebrow kits. One thing that I was happy to hear was this brand is cruelty free, which is so important for me since I decided to buy only cruelty free this year. You can find their products in Sephora or on Amazon. I purchased my kit in the color “Brunette” since I knew this wouldn’t be too dark, but also give me the color that would help to define my eyebrows. It arrived in a few days via Amazon direct shipping and I was excited to try it

Anastasia Beverly Hills Go Brow Kit Brunette



Kit includes a clear brow gel, brow pencil and tweezers

The Go Brow kit comes with 3 items: Clear brow gel, colored brow pencil and tweezers.

These three mini tools are the portable way to sculpt, fill, and set your brows anywhere, anytime.

Tweeze even the finest hairs with Mini Tweezers, and define naturally bold brows with Mini Brow Pencil.

Mini Clear Brow Gel sets brow color in place and gives brows a flake-free hold all day.

This set contains:- 0.013 Mini Brow Pencil- Mini Tweezer- 0.085 oz Mini Clear Brow Gel


20140427-071835.jpg This shows you the size of the three items, they are small and easy to travel with. You can also see the style of the wand for the brow gel.

Overall I think this is a great kit, especially if you are still dabbling in shaping your eyebrows with pencil and gel. I use the tweezers to clean up any random hairs, then I use the brow pencil in upward strokes, starting at the corner near the nose and working my way across into the arch. This pencil is a soft and easy one to use, some pencils can be chalky and hard to draw with – this one was really smooth and easy to blend with. Then once I have the right look, I use the brow gel to set everything into place. The brow gel is not sticky, tacky or goopey like some so it really feels like and soft, not hard on the hairs.

I really don’t use this everyday, but when I have to finish off a put together look for the evening when I am wearing more makeup, I use this set to help amp up the glamour and the drama. It really helps to make the eyes pop and pull the entire look together to make your eyebrows seem neat and clean.

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