Another example leg day workout routine for women

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Leg Day: We have a love/hate relationship but it’s a very rewarding one


Another day at the gym, my favorite place to clear my mind and focus on myself and how my body feels. This is from the David Barton Gym in Miami, Florida.

Hi ladies, I know many of you have been checking out my blog for my strength training workout routine. I am so excited to know that so many ladies are finding it and being inspired to start lifting weights! That’s so awesome – keep at it and you’ll be so glad you did.

Here is an example of some of my favorite leg day exercise so you can start to work them into your leg day whenever you want to try some new variations or new exercises. Make sure that you do a weight that you are comfortable with until you get your form down, we don’t want any injuries! I do many of these and remember that when it comes to building your butt / glutes it is key to work all different angles and muscles of the lower body! Don’t just do squats..

Favorite Leg Day Exercises for Women

Walking Lunges

Weight Hip Raises

Back Squat with Olympic Bar

Leg Press

Kick backs with cables and ankle straps

Bulgarian Split Squats with weights

Hip Abductors

Weight Box Step Ups

I love wearing my high top converse for leg day!

Tips for Leg Day Workouts:

  • Wear flat sneakers, the flatter the better! Don’t workout in sneakers with lots of cushion in the heel. The best sneakers for leg day are chuck taylor’s / converse sneakers
  • Eat more carbs on leg day since you will need the energy from them do not go low carb on leg day!
  • You will likely get light headed on leg day when you do big compound movements like squats or deadlifts, this is normal. The legs are the largest muscle group in your body and when you are working them out your body rushes there, leaving you feeling drained, dizzy and fatigued quick. If needed take a breather! If you get very dizzy sit and put your head between your knees to get the blood back to your head.
  • Drink water with electrolytes or BCAA’s / aminos in them. this helps with muscle repair since heavy leg day will be breaking down your muscle fibers
  • You will be sore 1-2 days after you lift legs, this is normal. Keep drinking those amino drinks and BCAA powders to aid in muscle repair
  • Keep good form, don’t compromise form just to lift heavier weight. Bad form = back problems and you don’t want that!
  • If form is tough to keep as you get heavier with squats and deadlifts invest in a weight lifting belt. I have this one. It helps with posture and support.

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