Another Spartan Race Complete - The Spartan Sprint Citifield, NY 2014

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Another one in the books for this girl right here! This is my second time doing a Reebok Spartan Race and it was so exciting to go back to do the Spartan Sprint at Citifield Stadium in New York. This is where the Mets play and it was the coolest experience to run in and out of the baseball stadium, in the locker rooms, up and down the bleachers, out into the parking lots and on the actual field. It was such a great scene and a beautiful day to tackle my second Spartan Race. I previously did the Super Spartan race at Mountain Creek in New Jersey and was eager to see what a Spartan Sprint was like. The difference? A Spring is 3 miles in length and the Super is 8 so you finish the Sprint in around an hour while the Super took a little over three! Me and my work friends got together and ran with a large team from Eboost and it was a great way to bond together over some obstacles and fitness.


The tshirts they gave out after the race this year were so cool too. Each race they seem to up the anty with the shirts they give you and these are a more dry fit material and super soft. The back of these say simply “FINISHED” which is all you really need to say. When you finish these races you feel empowered and like you’ve accomplished so much. I finished the Sprint in 1:07 and probably could go a bit quicker if I raced alone but this race for me is never about the time – it is about finishing with your team, helping one another and never stopping or quitting. We never stopped, We never quit.


This race had obstacles inside the stadium, outside the stadium and the majority of the actually running was done up and down the stairs, through the back stair cases and up and down the areas that you find leading you to the levels for the section you sit in to watch a game. The obstacles were challenging but very doable, the only one I failed and had to do burpees for was the javelin throw, which I failed at the Super Spartan also.

Some other obstacles:

? lots and lots of walls, high and low
?ropes/bungees you had to crawl under and jump over like hop scotch
?medicine ball throws
?weighted jump rope
?carry water jugs up and down stairs
?push ups
?javelin throw
?climb the sideways wall
?atlas pull
?carry the stone back and forth and do burpees
?cargo net climb
?rope climb
?box jumps
?hopitty hops (resistance band tied at your ankles and jump up like 5 flights of stair)
?sandbag carry


When you finished the Sprint you get a medal for that particular event as well as the first piece of your Trifecta medal (in order to get the Trifecta you must complete a Spartan Sprint, Super and Beast race in the same year!)


Here you can see the great set up and beautiful day we had to run around Citifield! It was a great experience and I highly recommend doing a Spartan Sprint to try it out and see if you like it, since it is the shortest of all 3 races.

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