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I haven’t posted a workout or fitness routine in a few weeks, I have been slacking I know. I have been focusing a bit more on running lately and just kind of fell off the wagon (see, we all do it) but in the mean time I have been taking time to do very simple at home workouts that don’t require any machines. All you need is a pair of dumb bells, a mat and maybe a short barbell with plates. Right now I am ramping up to start lifting heavy again, which I do in the fall and winter but for those of you who email me and say you just don’t have access to a gym these are great ideas you can use in your day to day workouts.

The first set focuses on a lot of my favorite abdominal exercises. I usually do 3 sets of each of these and I work on my abs 3 times per week. Just like any other muscle group the abdominals require strengthening and training too. I also have been working on increasing my number of full push ups, this is so great for your back, arms and chest as well. I love doing 3-4 sets of push ups because the next day I really feel it! If you can’t do a full push up, don’t worry. Just get on your knees and do them from there – just make sure you are really hitting your chest to the deck and pushing up through your arms and not arching the back.

The second videos shows some full body movements you can do with weight that is most comfortable to you. This shows an upright row, which can also be done with dumb bells if you don’t have a curl bar like I am using. I also love to do back and front squats and then squats that add in some over head presses for those shoulders. I will do about 10 reps for 4 sets of these exercises – this usually gets me winded and is a good cardio workouts also.

Just because you don’t have a gym with lots of machines and equipment does not mean you have to think you won’t get great results. I would suggest that if you are going to workout from home to get the following pieces of equipment to help you with your workouts:

a set of dumb bells that have a variety of weight so that you can move up as the weight gets too easy – link

a workout mat for when you want to lay down to do ab work – link

a curl bar or short bar – link

some plates to add to your curl bar or short bar – link

a weighted medicine ball – link a set of kettle bells – link

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