Baby Shower Sprinkle Party Favor Idea

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How to make baby shower or baby sprinkle party favors

Baby showers are always fun and a great way to do some arts and crafts and DIY projects. My best friend is having her second baby shower, which is also known as a “Sprinkle”. It’s a smaller version of a baby shower, meant to be more intimate and usually held at someone’s home. With a second baby many time people still want to get together with friends and family but not go over the top with the venue and planning. I personally love the idea of a baby sprinkle so that it’s all your very closets friends and family and it’s more personal. I was in charge of making the favors which I did with products from and since we wanted to go with the “Sprinkle” theme we decided to do mini glass mason jars with ribbon, sprinkles inside and a personalized sticker on the lid. They came over very cute and the entire project to make these favors was bout $80 total for 24 favors.

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I ordered the baby mason jars online and they came in about 5 business days from Beau-Coup (click here)

For 24 jars I paid about $45.00 and they came with a set of stickers:

I wound up not liking the original stickers that I ordered, so I went ahead and placed a separate order for the one’s you see below:

Each sheet of the one below was around $10.


Each sticker sheet came with enough stickers to do the two dozen jars I bought and fit them perfectly. TIP: Make sure to screw the cap on completely and then apply the sticker. If you put the sticker on before you screw it on the jar, you run a very high risk of all the stickers being upside down and side ways when you close them securely. I put all the lids on, then put on the stickers, then removed the lids to add the sprinkles inside. It took some time but was worth it knowing they would look perfect.


You need a pretty good amount of sprinkles to fill up all 24 jars. I bought my sprinkles on Amazon. I got a mix of the small circular pearl sprinkles and the classic regular Jimmies. I got two bags of each and in total had 4 big bags to make my sprinkle mix. I had just enough for the jars.

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After I filled up all the jars I felt they still needed a little “something” so I went to my local Michael’s Arts & Crafts store and bought 1 roll of white ribbon and 1 roll of a mint green glitter colored one. I cut them into about 10 inch strips and then tied them around the neck of the mason jars into a cute little accent bow. That added a nice personal touch and a bit more color to the favors. You can’t go wrong with a pretty ribbon bow!

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The entire project took about an hour and with all of my materials ordered online I just made sure I had everything and then began the DIY project. I think baby sprinkles are so fun since they are a bit more intimate, laid back and the idea of a “sprinkle” means you have a bunch of cute ideas for the theme and favors. You can get a lot of great ideas for them on many baby shower blogs, but I hope this one helped you too.

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