Everyday Chunky Knit Toddler Hat Pattern

Toddler Knit Hat Pattern Chunky 3If you follow my blog, you may know that I have tended to make animal hats for my daughter (The giraffe, lamb, rhino, bunny – oh boy!). I figured it’s time I put a hat on her that doesn’t turn her into a creature for once.? I also desperately hoped that my giant weapon like metal knitting needles?wouldn’t be?confiscated on the plane to Poland. They weren’t, and I started and finished this hat on the flight. It was great!This hat is knit flat and seamed which makes it great for a beginner. One can’t go wrong with black and white, but feel free to change up the colors to whatever you like (or your toddler likes) most! This is actually identical to the pattern I made for her knit bunny hat, minus the bunny features and with the black and white extras. __Simple Big Pom Toddler Hat Knit Black and White PomsNotes:*Fits a 2T-3T*Beginner friendly, knit flat and seamedYou will need:One skein Lion Brand Yarn Wool Ease Thick & Quick  Color FishermanSmall amount of black super bulky yarn – enough for details and pom-pom ( I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick N Quick in Black)ScissorsTapestry NeedleSize 13 Knitting needles (for the hat)*Gauge is approximately 2.5 stitches and 3 rows per inchPattern: (Hat is knit flat)With your size 13 Knitting NeedlesKnit Cast on 40 stitchesYou will now work in a 1X1 rib. So you knit one, purl one.? Do this rib pattern for three rows.Row 4 *Knit Across row (you are now beginning to knit in stockinette stitch)Row 5 Purl Across row*Repeat from * to *, continuing the stockinette stitch for 4.5 inches, or approximately 16 rowsDecrease Row:On your next knit row (after youve completed your 4.5 inches of stockinette) : *Knit 2 together, Knit one, Knit 2 together, Knit one* Repeat * to * across row.Next Row: Purl Across RowNext Row: Knit Across RowNext Row: Purl 2 together across row (Decrease across this row)Cut a long tail, pull through the loops, and tighten to make the top of your hat.? Tie off. Your hat now has a top.? You will now seam the hat, using a mattress stitch (There are tons of tutorials on youtube if youve never done the mattress stitch. This stitch makes the seam invisible)Adding the black details:I added the details by doing something called a “duplicate stitch”.? Basically, you thread your tapestry?needle with the black yarn, and make a stitch over an existing stitch.??It is an easy way to add some color without having to worry about counting stitches. You can see my picture tutorial on how to do it, HERE.?I added several little black stitches along the top, but you can add them wherever you’d like!Pom:Using your black yarn, make a big pom and tie it to the top of the hat. If you have never made a pom-pom, you can see how to do it here with my pom-pom tutorial.I absolutely love wool-ease thick and quick from Lion Brand, and I’ve used it in a lot of projects including this one.? My daughter did recently say that she wished the hat was “like fleece”, so I may attempt to line it with fleece.Thanks so much for stopping in, and I hope the toddler in your life loves their hat!Simple Big Pom Toddler Hat Knit Black and White PomsMY LATEST VIDEOSFeel free to subscribe to my blog by email for all my easy free patterns and tutorials. __SharePinTweetShare

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