How To Crochet the Granite or Moss Stitch

13K SharesI’ve used the granite stitch (aka moss stitch, seed stitch, etc.) in several projects, so I decided that it might make sense to share a picture tutorial with you on how to do it! ?It’s a super easy stitch and it creates a beautiful texture that almost looks woven or knit. ?If you know how to single crochet and make a chain stitch, you are ready to rock and roll with this moss stitch. ?The crocheted moss/granite stitch can be used for anything from blankets, to scarves to even dish cloths.Check out my Mod Heirloom Blanket, Fave Slouch Beanie and Mod Mesh Honey Blanket Sweater if you’d like to try out this stitch in a pattern.dsc_5968Isn’t it purdy?heirloom-crochet-afghan-patternI made this really easy blanket with the granite stitch.MY LATEST VIDEOSReady to crochet?Granite Stitch Pattern:Start with a chain and an odd number of stitchesRow 1 ? ?Single crochet across, chain 1 and turn.Row 2 ? ?Sc in second stitch from hook, *ch 1, skip stitch below, sc in next stitch. Repeat from * across row, make an sc in last stitch of row. Ch 1, turn.Row 3 ? ?Sc in second stitch from hook, *ch 1, sk st below, sc in next ch 1 space below. Repeat from * across row, make an sc in the last stitch of row. Ch 1, turn.Repeat row 3 for as long as you’d like!Now see the photo tutorial below for help with this stitch. __dsc_5956Chain an odd number of stitch, then single crochet across the row. Here, I’ve completed my first row of single crochet. You then chain one and single crochet into the second stitch from hook.dsc_5957Single crochet into the first stitch of the row (or second stitch from hook), then chain 1dsc_5958Skip a stitch, and work a single crochet into the next stitchdsc_5959Single crocheted after skipping a stitchdsc_5960Chain one, skip a stitch and make another single crochetdsc_5961Continue this pattern across the row, chaining one, skipping a stitch, and making a single crochetdsc_5962At the end of the row you will find there is an extra stitch. Single crochet into that last stitch. Chain one and turn.dsc_5963Sc into the first stitch, chain one, then work a single crochet into the CHAIN SPACE BELOW.dsc_5965That’s all there is to this super easy stitch!dsc_5964It works up really easily and pretty quickly!Now that you know how to make this stitch, you can check out these easy patterns using this stitch:Slouch HatSlouch Hatheirloom-cascade-yarn-blanket-patternhow-to-crochet-easy-granite-stitchI hope that you’ve enjoyed learning this super simple moss stitch crochet pattern!-JessicaSharePinTweetShare

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