The Best Eleven Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Spirit week is one of the most anticipated days of the year at school. Kids get the opportunity to do something ‘crazy’ or ‘wacky’ with their hair. From unicorn hair to Star Wars hair here are The 11 Best Crazy Hair Day Ideas that kids will love!

11 Unicorn Hair Lou Lou Girls
10 Crazy Hair Bun Mohawk Brown Eyed Angie
9 Donut Hair Make it Love it
8 Rainbow Hairstyle Hair by Lori
7 Crazy Cone Hair Bee in Our Bonnet
6 Star Wars Hair Lou Lou Girls
5 Surf’s Up Crazy Hair Kara’s Party Ideas
4 Pokemon Go Hairstyle Paging Fun Mums
3 Christmas Tree Hairstyle Paint the Moon
2 Insect Hair Not Just a Housewife
1 Cupcake Buns Must Have Mom

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