The Best Eleven DIY Garden Markers

Not sure what you’ve planted? Try adding labels to identify your plants. They’re not only functional but decorative. These diy garden marker ideas are a super easy project that you can use recycled materials like wine corks, old spoons, soda cans, and even rocks. There’s something for everyone! Check out The 11 Best DIY Garden Markers to make locating what you planted a simple task!

11 DIY Stamped Spoon Plant Markers Intimate Weddings
10 Soda Can Garden Markers Grey Luster Girl
9 Wooden Spoon Garden Markers Playground Parkbench
8 River Rock Garden Markers West Valley Moms Blog
7 Chalkboard Garden Markers Smart School House
6 Chalkboard Garden Markers Handmade in the Heartland
5 Glass Gem Markers – Free Printable Homestead Wishing
4 Mason Jar DIY Garden Stakes Mod Podge Rocks
3 Wine Cork Herb Markers Shine Your Light
2 Stamped Clay Markers Wit & Whistle
1 DIY Plant Markers Eighteen 25

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