Chef V 5 Day Organic Green Juice Cleanse Review and Coupon Code

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Over the course of five days I document my use of the Chef V Organic Green Juice program with my readers – I did receive this five day cleanse free of charge in return for an open and honest review. What happened over the course of that time was amazing – if you have never done a dedicated program like this, or have fear that it will be too difficult to do, keep reading – it will be one of the best investments you make and I have a coupon code to save you 55% off!

I am excited to share that today my delivery of my 5 day Chef V Organic Green Juice Cleanse has arrived and tomorrow it begins (11/4/2015)! After I did the Chef V Green Juice Cleanse two summers ago I was reached out to by their team to document my experience and do it again for 5 days this time (last time I did it for 3 days – read my blog post here). I absolutely loved the green juice and the entire program which is delivered fresh to your door in an insulated bag to keep everything fresh and cool until you get home. I did the cleanse as a way to get introduced to green juices, not necessarily for weight loss, but just a way to get into the entire juicing program. I have to say it was the best green juice I have ever had but I didn’t wind up doing it again and was so excited to be able to do it now.


This post will log my journey over the next few days as I do the cleanse which consists of two full bags of items! I got a phone call today that my delivery had arrived at my door and when I returned home from work there they were, my two insulated bags heavy and full with goodness inside! The first time I did the cleanse I only received one bag, since it was almost half of the items, but this time it was two full sized bags. The bag stayed nice and cold even though I was at work when they delivered it; they put ice pouches inside and the inside of the bags are insulated and have a zipper on top to keep everything fresh and cool. I love these bags by the way, they come in handy when you pack food for the beach or a trip to the park or even if you are transporting goodies to a party or family gathering.

What do you get in your 5 day juice cleanse delivery?

In your kit you are going to get 5 jugs of the Chef V 7 greens always raw organic blend juice. The thing I loved so much about this juice the first time around is there is no pulp or bits of greens, just a clean and fresh juice that you can sip throughout the day with some ice in your shaker bottle. I bring one of these with me to work each day, put it in the fridge and have this refilled throughout the work day. It tastes very good, not like grass or veggies, just very fresh and tasty. Since this is packed with vegetables and greens it contains a high amount of fiber which keeps you feeling full throughout the day.


To use you should shake the bottle well. Drink 8-16 oz on an empty stomach. Wait 15-30 minutes before consuming anything else. Each 8 oz serving is only 26 calories, 0 grams of fat, 6 grams of carbs, 1 gram of protein and only 3 grams of sugar. This should be something to note, most green juices you find in the convenience store are PACKED with sugars, this is not.

The ingredients are simple, organic and clean:

Black kale, green kale, collard greens, green leaf lettuce, green chard, curly parsley, dandelion greens, apple, apple juice and filtered water.


The next thing you will notice in your bags is your daily organic detox soup. You also get 5 containers of this and each is 16 oz. To make the soup you will simply pour the contents into a stove top pot and simmer until warm or you can put into a microwave safe bowl and microwave as well. This is easier to do at an office or at work since most buildings do not have a stove, so it’s nice to have that option.


The soup is made of local ingredients: sweet potato, carrot, zucchini, onion, garlic, ginger, leek, lemongrass, coconut milk, turmeric, curry powder, sea salt, and filtered water. All of the ingredients are also USDA certified organic. 1 full container is under 300 calories but is packed with great natural ingredients and I also love that it includes turmeric which is part of my daily supplement routine. The soup is delicious and I never feel like I am starving when I am doing this program, if anything I always feel full and have a great amount of energy and focus while doing it.


You will also receive protein powder packets and tea:


Organic Detox Tea can be used in the morning for a nice treat to get you awake and ready to go. Just steep the tea bag for 2-3 minutes in a hot mug and then enjoy instead of your daily coffee. This is a decaf tea so there is no caffeine if that is a sensitivity to you. The Organic Ultra Shake can be used in morning or mid afternoon to “shake” things up a bit. Add the powder to your shaker bottle, lots of ice and water. This is a bit gritty of a consistency so make sure you shake before every sip. This might be the one thing I am not a super big fan of, but I get it down and then excited to move on to the soup or green juice. It is pretty high in protein which is why I like to keep it a part of my daily routine on the program.


How I approach each day doing the program:

One thing to make sure I note here is that while I do the detox/cleanse I do not give up some of my everyday foods or nutrition. I workout daily and lift weights and my protein intake is extremely important to me, therefore this cleanse would not allow me to get in my daily macros for protein and I have to add in a few items in order to make sure I am meeting those goals. Again, I don’t do the green juice cleanse to lose weight, I do it to get some great food into my system and help continue my clean eating and organic diet lifestyle.


In the morning I work out and when I return home I pack my Chef V insulated bag with 1 full container/jug of the green juice, my shaker bottle, 1 container of soup, 1 plant based D’s Naturals Protein Bar and a protein shake. This allows me to increase my protein intake but using add ins that are natural, vegan and plant based. At night, if I am very hungry I will add 4 ounces of organic grilled chicken with my soup. Below is a break down of the steps I take during the day and as you can see there is a lot going on here, lots of great nutrition to keep me fueled throughout the day.


What I love about this green juice is it is refreshing, clean and light. It does not contain pulp or any pieces of greens which I prefer. You can sip this throughout the day and I keep my shaker filled with ice and just keep chugging. I shared this with a few co-workers and they also loved this flavor and are ordering the cleanse also! I love being able to share tips and brands with them that I think are really great. I also love that these items are organic and the thought and passion behind this brand is fantastic. When you enjoy what you are eating and drinking it is not so hard to stick to this program, and again you have to make it work for you and your lifestyle and your personal fitness and wellness goals.


I plan to do a final round up after my five days are up, but since I have done this cleanse before I can tel you with certainty that it is a fantastic way to start adding greens and organic foods into your diet. I am not a fan of the word “detox” since I think the body does it’s job everyday to remove toxins, but I think this is a great way to kick start a clean eating program and regiment every day.

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Gallery of images from the cleanse program

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