Chicken, asparagus and bean dinner. Clean eating Recipe Idea

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Here is another very easy to make dinner pairing green veggies, legumes and protein. I prefer to avoid eating an animal protein like chicken with a starchy carb. It doesn’t seem to digest well for me (or anyone for that matter). So I like to focus my dinner on eating protein with either fats or leafy greens or vegetables.

Tonight it was asparagus spears, beans and chicken. Covering my high protein, low carb and good fiber bases!


I made some red kidney beans and put in some organic salsa which has some tomoato, cilantro and onions in it for flavor without having to use salt.


These beans I get from Whole Foods and I always look for no salt added items when I am buying anything in a can, otherwise most canned items are FULL of salt. Always check the sodium amount on the nutritional value label.


And here is our plates. A nice colorful dinner full of great nutrition. I eat average of 4 ounces of chicken which is a normal serving size. Try to make your meat size no bigger than a fist size for you or a little bigger for white meats.

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