Current and Updated Healthy Clean Eating Grocery Shopping List

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When it comes to grocery shopping there are a few tips that I follow in ordre to make my visit as guilt-free as possible, organized and self-controlled. I have on occasiona found myself stepping into a grocery store telling myself 'I'm only getting enough food for 3 bags, 4 the most' and then I wind up having a cart and a half full of stuff. I love food, and now that I make all of my food during my meal prep on the weekends I am always food shopping! It's funny how times have changed from spending all my money on clothes and makeup to food and fitness gear. In order to make sure I don't go broke while trying to stay in shape and healthy I prepared a list of some of my grocery shopping tips as well as my most up to date list of items that I pick up on the regular when I go food shopping for my meal prepping. I hope this will help you and you can even print this page out to take with you to the store to buy your clean eating supplies! If you have any questions just feel free to comment below and of course I will work to do another one of these as my shopping paterns or food choices change (which they tend to do when I get bored). Bon Appetite!


– Only buy what you intend to eat. Over time I have learned what I will actually eat in one week's time vs. what I wind up throwing away or just cooking for the sake of not wasting it. In order to do this I buy only 1-3 of anything (for example I will buy one bunch of asparagus not four and one bunch of brocolli and not two). If I do this then each meal is a bit different and I don't let anything spoil.

– Bring your reusable bags with you. Not only is it the eco-friendly thing to do, but it makes lugging the stuff home or up the stairs much easier and will keep you on track to not overbuy. I usually take 3-4 of those with me and try to remain in that budget each trip.

– When in doubt, leave it out. If you aren't sure of how healthy something is, don't buy it. Go home and do your research but don't buy impulse things that you aren't sure fit into your diet or your macros.

– If you have to get anything in a can (some beans, etc) always go for the 'no salt added' ones and organic if possible. The canned items are usually loaded with sodium so always keep an eye on that when checking labels.




– Salmon Fillet (wild caught)

– Tilapia Fillet (wild caught)

– Salmon & Lobster Pinwheels (whole foods/stop and shop)

– Organic chunk light tuna fish

– Shrimp deveined and peeled



– Ezekiel sprouted grain bread

– Brown rice

– Yams/sweet pototoes

– Organic oatmeal (plain)

– Lundberg Brown rice cakes

– Sprouted grain pretzels (whole foods)

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