Daily Water Intake: How much and what to drink for workouts and diet

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This is a 32 ounce jug of water with mint leaves, lemons and limes. This is great for during the day drinking.

Let me break down the mathematics here:

Four 32 ounce jugs of water = 1 gallon (128 ounces of water is 1 gallon)

Eight 16 ounce shakers of water = 1 gallon

Basically that’s a crap load of water a day! Even when I feel like I am drinking non stop all day I still never get to the gallon, but I try. Especially on work out days it is a bit easier to get the gallon goal because of the water you drink during and after your workout.

The moment you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated, so constantly sip throughout the day!

The moment you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated, so constantly sip throughout the day!

3. During the day time at work I have my 32 ounce jug and fill it with fruits like the following in order to cleanse and keep the water tasty so I want to drink it throughout the day. Every time I pick the jug up, I take 5-8 big sips. Even if I am not thirsty and I wind up refilling the jug 2-3 times while at the office from 9-5 each day. I like to add lemons, limes, cucumbers, mint or orange slices to my water

4. I always keep water in my car with me in the passenger seat. Whether its my jug of fruit infused water or it’s plain water, I always have it with me to sip while I am driving.

5. For post workout on days that I am not going to go and make some actual food after, I opt for a protein shake. Now, be careful with protein shakes at the gym smoothie bar. I only get a scoop of whey protein and a banana. The rest is water and ice. I don’t necessarily trust the shakes that are made at any smoothie bar especially when they add things like peanut butter because they usually use a pump and I can’t log that in myfitnesspal accurately. So I stick to 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein by Gaspari Myofusion and a banana. This protein shake is 20 ounces so that is additional water consumed.

6. Before bed I always make one last 32 ounce jug of water and make sure it has BCAA powder in it to help with recovery of the muscles over night.


Making it to a gallon a day is hard, so make sure you are drinking beverages you enjoy!

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