Deck the Halls: DIY Winter Terrariums

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DIY Winter Terrariums by

Making terrariums is a favorite DIY project of mine. (We even had handmade terrariums at every table for my wedding!) They're fun and easy to assemble, and make great gifts or centerpieces. But in the spirit of the season, I decided to give my terrariums a wintery twist this time around. Swapping succulents and air plants for bottlebrush trees and faux snow, the result is a mini winter wonderland instead of the usual desert landscape.

These terrariums are also easier to care for since the only real living greenery is the moss (unless you do choose to add succulents too). You can keep the moss alive by misting it periodically, but it also dries quite well. Here's how to make them...

A pretty little DIY winter terrarium by

Here's What You Will Need:

  • apothecary jar
  • pebbles and/or potting soil
  • small succulents or other plants (optional)
  • bottle brush trees
  • moss
  • table salt or white sugar

Homemade winter terrariums.

Here's How To Make Them:

  1. Start with a layer of potting soil and/or pebbles. If you have real plants in your terrarium that will need watering, you will want to layer pebbles on bottom for drainage with the soil on top. If you are only using fake trees, you can do whatever looks best.
  2. Plant your trees in the soil and then sculpt a landscape around them using the moss.
  3. Finish your winter terrarium off by adding a flurry of 'snow' using sugar or salt.

How to make a winter terrarium

Are you going to give this DIY a try?

The hard part will be deciding whether to gift your terrarium or keep them as holiday decor for your own home.

xo Ilana
Team LC

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