Fruit Infused Detox and Recovery Water Mix Recipe - Oranges, BCAAs, Collagen Powder and Cucumbers

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To make I fill my jug I use a full tray of ice cubes. Then I add 2-3 slices of the orange and a handful of cucumber slices. I don’t squeeze the fruit, I just add it to the water and it will slowly add the flavor without having to squeeze it. Then I add 1 scoop of the BCAA powder and 1 scoop of the collagen replenish powder. Make sure to shake this up well to break up the powder and make the water smooth and diluted. This helps to keep my body hydrated and I highly recommend drinking up to a gallon of water a day. It has helped me with digestion and also to reduce bloating in the body. The more water you can drink, the better!

I buy both of these powders online on Amazon and I will link those below.

Reserveage Organics – Collagen Replenish With Hyaluronic Acid & Vitaminc, 2.75 oz powder

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