Grilled Steak with Quinoa Pilaf and Chicken Sausage Recipe

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Grilled Steak with Quinoa Pilaf and Chicken Sausage Recipe

I’m not a huge red meat/steak eater but once in a blue moon I will get a nice piece of meat at the grocery store and marinate it over night so that I can grill it outside for dinner. When I marinate my steak I will usually just use some very good extra virgin olive oil, Mrs. Dash Steak Seasoning and some black pepper. I let that sit in a zip lock over night so that it sets into the meat. I hit the grill and made my steak which only takes about 6 minutes on each side. I then brought the meat in which was a little less than medium cooked and began to put together my quinoa pilaf and green beans to cook.


For my chicken sausage I always go with an all natural brand. I don’t like to eat pork so my sausage is always chicken or turkey sausage (which is less fat anyway) and personally I prefer.

? So I cut the sausage up into small slices and put that in a skillet to cook.

? I then added some spinach (frozen or fresh is fine).

? I then added some organic canneloni beans for some fiber.

? I sliced up some red bell pepper and threw that in as well.

? I also added some Mrs Dash lemon pepper seasoning and a bit of organic coconut oil.

? Let that simmer and sit for about 20 minutes.

? I then made a 90 second bag of quinoa to add in to the pilaf for a bit of good carbs to keep us full


I then sauteed some green beans with olive oil and garlic and paired all 3 of these dishes together to make a very versatile and well balanced meal. This was great because it was high protein, high fiber and low fat.


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