Herbal Mist Diet All Natural Teas - All Natural Review

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If you’re looking for a new beverage to quench your thirst without reaching for a soda or other sugary beverage I suggest trying the iced teas by Herbal Mist. These can be found in select convenience stores and slowly they are being added to larger chain grocers. I was lucky enough to try these early on and now am a huge fan. I love these either ice cold out of the fridge or over a cup of ice and a slice of lemon – talk about refreshing!


The key ingredient in their tea is Yerba Mate. What is Yerba Mate? Discovered centuries ago in South America it is an herbal tea packed with health benefits and is enjoyed by millions daily. Revered as the “drink of the Gods” many is South America ritualistically drink Yerba mate with a gourd (cup) and bombilla (straw used to filter the leaves). These drinks are 100% natural.


My dog even likes to drink this for a sweet treat but of course only a few licks for her. Each bottle is 25 calories with 0 sugar, carbs, fat or sodium. The ingredients are: superior Paraguayan Yerba mate leaves, filtered water, xylitol, citric acid, black tea, lemon juice solids, reb-a (stevia) and natural lemon flavors.

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