How to decorate bridal shower invitations

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Bridal Shower Invitations – DIY tips on how to decorate your invites


When it comes to bridal showers the invitations will help to set the tone and theme of what you shower is going to be like for your family and friends. As a general rule of thumb you want the decor and theme of your shower to mimic that of your invitations. If your shower is going to be a certain color, style or even based on the time of day (brunch, tea party, lingerie party, etc.) you want that to carry through in your shower invites. Also, many times now a days brides are involved in the planning of their own bridal showers (yes, I know that many people find this non-traditional, but based on a variety of circumstances many brides opt to help out with their own showers). I personally am helping with my own bridal shower, simply because my mom is currently very ill with cancer, I decided not to have a bridal party for my wedding other than my Maid of Honor, and I am always happy and willing to help out. I am not a bride who wanted a surprise party, nor did I want any of my friends or family to go overboard with spending tons of money on me before my wedding. I decided to order my own bridal shower invitations and decorate them and wanted to show how I took my pretty invites and added some great DIY decorations to them to take them up a notch!


I ordered my original bridal shower invitations from Shutterfly, which offered great coupon codes and service. I found a like tan colored invitation with white lace trim and some pretty light pink script font. This matched the tone I wanted for my shower and matches my wedding colors as well. I was able to adjust the font colors, text and also able to add photos on the back with a quote we love for no additional charge. I liked the idea of adding images to the back of the card to include my fiance somehow. While a shower is about the bride, it should also speak a little bit about your groom and your relationship. I liked using this design to make it more personal and thought it was so pretty!


What I wanted to do was to add some fun accents to my invitations so I bought some gold sparkling self stick gems, some white tiny bows, some pink and some beige ribbon, a hole puncher, and then I also used the self address stickers that I purchased to match my wedding invitations and used those for my shower envelopes. The first step was to apply the crystal gems, which I put on the beginning of the word “Shower” and the end of the word as well. That added some sparkle and flair to the center of the invitation. I still thought they needed something more though…


The next step was figuring out how to apply a ribbon to the invitation. I tried at first to use some glue dots to hold them into place but that wasn’t working out too good. I came up with the idea to use a hole puncher on the top area, laced the ribbon through and tied it on the top. I did half in a brown color and half in a baby pink to match the script. This was a feminine, pretty touch to the invitations.


Feel free to click through the gallery of my bridal shower decorating to get even more ideas of how I created this look!

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