Leg day and butt exercises to do at home for glutes to tone, life and first your rear

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For beginners try to do these without any weights, but as you increase your strength and balance you can do a 6 or 8 pound medicine ball. This will add some resistance and help you to begin to build the muscle. Since we are focusing on the legs, butt and glutes the more weight we can get you up to the more you can build muscle and change the shape of your rear!

Single Leg Deadlifts

Very challenging and will make you work up a sweat. This is an isolated leg movement, which forces you to work each leg individually and doesn’t allow one leg to compensate for the weaker one. I like this to make sure I am strengthening both legs and not just one. Hold your medicine ball on both sides right in front of you with regular stance. Keeping your back straight and in a neutral spine lower the ball close to your straight leg and let the back leg raise up straight in the back. As you teeter up and down make sure to squeeze your butt/glutes. I do 10 on each leg for 4 sets.


Donkey Kicks Upward

Get down on all fours and make sure your back is not rounded up or down. For each leg flex your foot as if you are trying to kick up and hold the ceiling up with your foot and push through to raise the leg. Over time you can work to add a weighted ankle strap to do these with more resistance. These are great to shape, firm and lift your butt. I do 10 reps for each leg for 4 sets.


It should take you no more then 20 minutes to go through these 4 exercises on each leg for 4 sets. After a few weeks you can start to up the weight of the medicine ball to either dumb bells or a plate weight. You can also buy some ankle straps and use those for the donkey and leg raises as well. I bought mine on Amazon and love them: CLICK HERE

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