Next Step French Vanilla Protein & Oatmeal Breakfast Recipe aka PROATS

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In the morning time or as a mid morning snack I love to make oatmeal, but something it gets boring. So I like to add some protein powder to my oatmeal and make “Proats” (protein + oats). Oats fill me up for longer periods of time and then paired with the protein are a great, healthy day starter. Sometimes I will make it like this:

1 scoop of french vanilla next step protein powder
1/2 cup of organic oatmeal
some water to keep the oats and protein from getting too dry
1/2 of a banana
heat up for 1 minute

If you aren’t a fan of oatmeal, or you don’t eat it enough you should try. I usually have oatmeal on the days where I am going to be having a leg day or heavier lifting day to give me energy. On leg day, if I train in the morning I will have this before I head to the gym. I never train heavy without having a healthy carb fueled meal efore.

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