Notre Dame Vs. Stanford Football Game October 2014

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What A Win!!!
The Notre Dame vs. Stanford game this weekend on Saturday October 4 was one of the best football games I’ve been to in my life. Even though the temperature dropped to 31 and it rained nonstop since kickoff the game was worth all the cold and rain.

As a family we love Notre Dame football. It comes with such tradition and energy on campus. We have come out twice and both times the games have been electric. I’ve never felt energy like I feel in the Notre Dame football stadium. From the marching band to the many fight songs and chants it just sucks you in. The seats are all long benches so you get smashed in with other fans and no one minds. High fives pass around the stadium when someone scores or makes a first down. And when the team scores a touchdown and nails a field goal people raise up a fan and do 7 in air push ups. It’s unreal!

The ND vs Stanford game was a nail biter. No one scored for quite awhile and we sat in our blue and gold ponchos getting soaked with rain. Our feet were frozen and hands too but that didn’t stop anyone. The game came down to a final play made in the last 1:05 of the game with a touchdown pass to remember. Everyone erupted in cheers and celebration. Notre Dame won the game and is now 5-0 undefeated.

The trip is always a great time out to South Bend, Indiana. From the college book store to Bruno’s Pizzeria for the best food around its a great time everyone should try. Whether you fly into Chicago and then drive two hours south or drive out it’s well worth the trip! Here are some photos from our weekend getaway.
















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