Nutribullet - My Review and Grocery Shopping List for Smoothie and Juicing Recipes

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Nutribullet Review and Grocery Shopping List for Healthy Recipes


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For my birthday this year my coworkers got me the best gift ever – my Nutribullet (which by the way I highly recommend getting this for anyone in your life who is into health and fitness! it was the best gift ever and I plan to get it for a few people I know as gifts now as well). I have always wanted to get myself a blender or juicer but wasn’t sure which was the best to get or that I would really be into it. I would pass the aisle in Target all the time but didn’t ever commit to buying one, so when I was surprised with one on my birthday I was so excited. Getting a Nutribullet has helped me to get really creative in the kitchen to add fruits, veggies and protein into my diet without the need to make actual meals everyday.


My Nutribullet is the silver one and it comes with the two smaller cups and one large one. This is great to make a shake for the morning and one for the afternoon. I make two shakes in the morning and put one in the fridge for later. I usually make one in the morning that is more greens and fruit based and the one in the afternoon is more of a protein smoothie. This allows me to get both types of flavors: fruit and sweet. Below is a great grocery list to have what you need to make your Nutribullet recipes:



Kale, Spinach, Celery, Cucumbers, avacados


blueberries, blackberries, oranges, limes, lemons, granny smith apples, bananas, pineapples


chocolate protein powder, vanilla protein powder


cinnamon, almonds, oatmeal, walnuts, peanut butter, almond milk, water, ginger


I went to the grocery store and bought a small amount of each item. What you need to do for the first week is test and try new combinations. You will learn right away the flavors you like and don’t like. For me, greens is a hard thing to get used to – I like more sweet shakes (like protein shakes) so over time I am learning what I can use to cover the taste of greens. For example: Kale & Chocolate protein powder together don’t taste like greens. The chocolate protein covers the taste of the kale, but it will look a brown/green color. If you need to try only a few items in the beginning stick to the flavor you like the most and work things in over time. The goal is to have about 50% greens to fruit but if you aren’t a huge greens fan you can work your way up to that, like me.


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