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The mission is clear when you visit the website Shine Athletica – it’s a site dedicated to offering females like myself comfortable work out clothes that make you feel strong and empowered.

I love it! Spreading positive energy through a message and clothing!


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When the creator and owner of the clothing line reached out to me I felt invested to share her story. As a female who absolutely loves hitting the gym I have spent a lot of money and time on workout apparel. Some of it lasts a few washes and some of it has been tried and true. What is most important to me is how I feel when I wear workout clothes. There is something to be said when you put on a new workout outfit and hit the gym. If it feels good, you feel good. It makes you feel confident and comfortable. A bright outfit can sometimes change my entire mood. A pair of ill fitting tights in all the wrong places can destroy my workout. So today I woke up and had zero desire to work out. I have to admit I have been slacking lately, since a few vacations and a big move I fell off my routine and I could tell. What was great was I have been waiting to wear my new tank from Shine Athletica for a few weeks now and last night I put my little gift package from Heather on my vanity and said “Tomorrow you must wear it and you will feel great for doing it!” When I opened the card from Heather it put me in the best mood, telling me that I should wear my tank when I felt empowered and I thought that was so great! How cute is her packaging as well!


Thank you for the sweet card Heather, made my day.

Heather clearly states that Shine Athletica has 3 goals:

1-To provide women with inspirational fitness apparel that promotes confidence inside and out

2- To inspire women to have the courage to work out in any environment and express themselves

3- To promote consistency in women’s workout routines by providing high-quality fitness apparel at an affordable price


Heather reached out to me and offered to send me a free item from her store in return for an honest review of her clothing. I thought why not? What fit female doesn’t love clothes that help you to work out and feel good in your own skin?! So she sent a nice package my way and below is my feedback. Thank you Heather for spreading the word to women than you can go after your goals and still feel good while doing it. Fitness takes time and reaching our goals is not easy, make sure to strive each day to make healthy changes and over time you will be so proud of how far you have come!



My tank fit amazing and it felt so soft! The tanks are made by Next Level which is actually a company I have contracted many times to make promo apparel for companies I work for. Their quality is great and it lasts long. The last thing you want is to buy a shirt or pants that fall apart in the wash. These tanks are super soft and light weight so you don’t feel like they are clinging to you while working out. I like my workout apparel to be loose fitting and breathable – this one surely is.

I also love that the Shine Athletica tanks are long! There is nothing worse than working out and having your shirt ride up the whole time. Or when you are doing squats and having your bum hanging out in the back when your tank top goes up. Awkward! These are long and for me that is a plus!


The motivational message on the back of mine that I chose was PUSHER. I love this message, it reminds me to keep digging deep and go for one more rep! There are so many great styles that they are coming out with that will work for anyone. The positive reinforcement on these are great when you are in the gym and when you are laying out your workout clothes like I did today.


Here is an example of my workout apparel: Some bright Nikes, capri pants, a reversible sports bra and dry fit socks.

I am always willing and happy to support new business owners especially when what they are doing comes from a very good place. You can tell this brand is not in it just for profits, but to help inspire women to take control of their health and that to me is something I am happy to support. I was given this top for free to provide some feedback and I have not been paid to do so. I am just a regular fitness lover who is happy to test out fitness apparel and give my honest opinion. I think this line is really good quality and would not hesitate to recommend buying any of their tops. I wish Shine Athletica the best of luck in their pursuit and look forward to seeing more items they come out with in the future.


Even little Lola loved my tank, must be because it is so soft!

If you are interested in purchasing from their site you can take advantage of this promo code to get 15% off: SHINEON click here

With so many companies out there in mass/big box stores I am happy when I can support up and coming brands like this one. The quality and messages are both fantastic so you really can’t beat that!


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