Fruit Infused Detox and Recovery Water Mix Recipe - Oranges, BCAAs, Collagen Powder and Cucumbers

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To make I fill my jug I use a full tray of ice cubes. Then I add 2-3 slices of the orange and a handful of cucumber slices. I don’t squeeze the fruit, I just add it to the water and it will slowly add the flavor without having to squeeze it. Then I add 1 scoop of the BCAA powder and 1 scoop of the collagen replenish powder. Make sure to shake this up well to break up the powder and make the water smooth and diluted. This helps to keep ...

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Delicious Post Workout Chocolate Protein Shake

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After a hard trip to the gym your body needs to refuel. Getting protein into your body as well as recovery supplements like bcaa’s and amino acids is key. My favorite protein shake mix is below:

I love Muscle Milk Light (buy here) in chocolate. I use two full heaping scoops. This gives me 200 calories and over 20 grams of protein. It also mixes up well and is thick so it’s more like a shake than watery powder.

I then add a cup of chocolate flavored unsweetened Blue Di ...

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